With the recent release of the Last of Us tv series and the news of more video game to tv adaptions, including God of War, it seems like the crossover from console to streaming sites isn’t going to stop. So here are four more video game franchises that could use a TV series.

Spyro the Dragon: While technically we got a Spyro series with Skylanders Academy, it would be fun seeing the series continuing the story of either the original Spyro game series or The Legend of Spyro reboot trilogy. I would vote for a continuation of the original series with appearances by classic enemies like Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto and allies like Sgt. Byrd and Agent 9.

Destroy All Humans!: With the release of remasters of the first two games (and hopefully the third), Destroy All Humans is garnering some renewed interest. So why not an animated series featuring the superb voice cast from the games, of course, either adopting the games’ plot or continuing the story in the 1980s?

Soul Calibur: With other fighting game franchises such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter getting numerous movie and TV adaptions, it’s sad to see Soul Calibur left out. Like any fighting game franchise Soul Calibur has a healthy roster of characters to focus on, but Siegfried’s transformation into Nightmare might be the most compelling story with plenty of room for the other characters to shine as well. A mature live-action or anime series would be fun to see

Prince of Persia: While we did get a poorly received movie adaption starring Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010, there is a chance to redeem the franchise with a Game of Thrones-esque series set in the Middle East with time travel elements.

Mercenaries: While the Mercenaries franchise has been dormant since Mercenaries 2 in 2008, and the proposed Mercenaries 3 was canceled, what better way to revive the franchise than with a sequel tv series, possibly setting up a third game? The game features three playable characters, so why not make them the stars of the series as they deal with the fallout from the second game as well as taking a new assignment? While the first two games were set in Korea and Venezuela, respectively, why not an African setting for the series? At least for the first season, with the potential for a new setting each season

Burnout: This one may be a little bit of a reach as the burnout games don’t have much of a plot to adapt, but maybe that is the beauty of it: a blank canvas to create upon featuring lots of high-speed races and crashes. With the Fast and Furious franchise ending in 2024 Fast and Furious 11 Burnout could turn out to be a worthy replacement franchise.  The series could either take a global tour approach or use the Paradise City setting from Burnout Paradise

Goldeneye: Rogue Agent: Not so much as adaption of the game, which is considered non-cannon, but a tv spinoff of the James Bond/007 franchise which could focus on a rogue MI6 agent and feature cameos by well know Bond characters like Dr. No, Goldfinger, Moneypenny, M, and more. With a new series of movies featuring a new actor taking on James Bond on the horizon why not capitalize by expanding into TV and using the Goldeneye: Rogue Agent game as a basis

Bulletstorm: A somewhat forgotten sci-fi based first person shooter game set in the 26th century Bulletstorm unfortunately never received a proper sequel, but why not continue the story with a tv series which could lead to interest for a sequel game

Those are just a few games I would like to see become TV series. Are there any games you would like to see as TV series? Let me know in the comments.