Welcome back to this side of TGON! I spent New Year’s Eve cuddling up with my partner and a few dogs watching The Witcher: Blood Origin. This was the perfect way to spend the holiday, and this show has a bit of something for everyone. What more could a girl ask for between fantasy, romance, and gore? So, let us jump into it!

Blood Ogrin
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The Cast

What would a show be without its cast and crew? Below is a table of the main cast and their respective role. They appear in no particular order.

Minnie DriverSeanchai
Francesca MillsMeldof
Jacob Collins-LevyEredin Bréacc Glas
Mirren MackPrincess Merwyn
Lenny HenryChief Druid Balor
Dylan William MoranUthrok One-Nut
Joey BateyJaskier
Michelle YeohScian
Laurence O’FuarainFjall
Sophia BrownÉile
Zach WyattSyndril
Lizzie AnnisZacaré
Huw NovelliCallan “Brother Death”
Amy MurrayFenrik
This is a table of the cast and their roles in The Witcher: Blood Ogrin.

The Story

The Witcher: Blood Origin is set 1,200 years before the events seen in The Witcher series. Here we see the painful creation of the first Witcher. Viewers also explore the events leading up to the Conjunction of the Spheres, which leads to unnatural creatures being trapped in this dimension. We also see Xin’trea, the ancient Elven city, before its downfall. This is all thanks to a mysterious Elf named Seanchai, who reached out to Jaskier during his time of need.


I have a terrible nerdy confession to make. I have never read the books and only watched my spouse play Witcher 3. Therefore, I do not know the lore and cannot speak to how closely this aligns with already known knowledge. However, I adored this show. The cast had chemistry, and I couldn’t help but binge the show within two days. Meldof stole my heart, quickly I do love a good Dwarven character, and Brother Death was multi-dimensional. Even the romance element did not feel too forced. I would have loved to see the ritual being prepared that turned a character into the first Witcher, but that is my only qualm. Overall, I enjoyed this series and will happily watch another adaptation should it present itself.

Odds & Ends

If you want to see more Witcher content that is not part of the original series, check out nananananateman’s post about Nightmare of the Wolf. Both of these shows can be found on Netflix. Finally, the next season of The Witcher should be out this year!