Hot Wheels first rolled out in 1968. The first model was a custom Camaro. Since then, nearly every general notion has been translated into one of these pint-sized performers, be it the ultra-collectible Volkswagon Drag Bus, the Mutt Mobile or the Gucci Car. Over time even somewhat questionable subjects have been featured:

The Hot Seat

Source: YouTube – CGR Garage – HOT SEAT Hot Wheels toilet car review

The Hot Tub

Source: YouTube – 2021 Hot Tub Hot Wheels diecast car model

The Shark Bite Street Beast

Source: YouTube – Shark Bite Street Beasts Hot Wheels diecast car model

The Aisle Driver

Source: YouTube – Aisle Driver Hot Wheels diecast model

Mattel made a very early push to capture the market for Marvel. Many prominent Marvel characters have been cast as their own speedy chariots. Without any sales of suspense, the top sellers are Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and the Hulk. However, even less well known characters get to roll, including: Cable, Doc Ock, Iron Fist, Ronin, Yondu, and Rhino. 

To paraphrase Guardians’ Peter Quill (Star Lord) – who, BTW, does have his own signature car – I don’t know how this Hot Wheels selection thing works.

Clearly, though, it isn’t rocket science.

#5 – Pepper Potts: While Ms. Potts, aka: Mrs. Tony Stark, may have a 1/6th scale toy figurine (Hot Toys – Iron Man 3: Pepper Potts & Iron Man Mark 9 1/6 Scale Figure Set), she does not have her own themed Hot Wheels car. What would it be like, you ask? Base it on the thoroughly modern Audi R8 that her late MCU hubby drove all around the silver screen.

#4 – Jarvis: Jarvis started out as the disembodied voice of Tony Stark’s A.I., but he grew to be so much more as The Vision. Vision has his own themed car (#DJJ26, 2016 – present), but Jarvis the A.I. does not. A clear cast plastic canopy surrounding the golden thought matrix that was first (and last) seen in Age of Ultron might work very well. If the undercarriage and wheels can be transparent too, all the better.

#3 – Ebony Maw: The “adopted son of Thanos” deserves a ride of his own. Making this car extremely cab-forward would be in keeping with this bad guy’s flat facial structure. Maw’s “cah” (Boston accent in homage to Beantown legend Chris Evans) has wheels that rotate downward so that it can fly, a la the Delorian from Back to the Future. That’s a first for the Hot Wheels family – Warning: this toy would absolutely have to contain small parts that may pose a risk of choking. No surprise; it only comes in one color – flat grey.

#2 – Wong: The Wong-mobile might seem at first to be a design challenge. Considering that he ascends to the rank of Head Librarian at Kamar-Taj, maybe it’s not so tough after all. Similar to Munster Koach from The Munsters, Wong would have an oversized dragster engine sitting in front of the driver’s compartment. The back of the car would contain a mobile library containing all of the Ancient One’s sacred texts. Any late fees Wong charges would be determined by the cost of gas. Better hope he doesn’t want to drag race around Los Angeles.

#1 – Miek: Aliens are vastly underserved in the pantheon of Hot Wheels cars. The three-eyed alien from the Toy Story franchise does. Grogu (aka: The Child) (aka: Baby Yoda) as one, too. There is even a model simply titled, “Alien.” Miek, the augmented insect sidekick of Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, richly deserves a set of his own wheels, and they could be very simple to design. Like the Chrysler Prowler, a roadster, Miek’s ride could be a bean-shaped cockpit with wire-like attach points for the wheels. Add to that stiletto fenders and hubcap spinners equipped with Cuisinart-like blades and, voila, no need to go any further!