I don’t know about you but one thing I love besides junk food is make up.  Until recently I was an addict. I have spent many hours and money at Sephora, Ulta you name it. but most of us who are fans of Comic cons, cosplay, or I anything nerdy for that matter know how hard it is to find something fits our personality. Some of us have looked far and wide in search of cosplay cosmetics that will help take our nerdy and geeky nature one step further. well, I can tell you if you are one of those unlucky few that have been looking without luck .. look no further I have some of the latest and greatest in nerdy cosmetic creations.

Espionage Cosmetics

If you haven’t checked out Espionage Cosmetics out yet you should.  They specialize in nerd and geek makeup, in fact, the catchphrase right underneath their logo reads  “Nerd makeup… it’s a thing”. It’s no surprise that they grabbed my attention. Though the collection of makeup is limited it still pretty awesome.

While they have more than just nail wraps which by the way are freaking awesome,  that is one of their biggest and best items. Seriously what’s not to love.. designs inspired by everyday nerd and geek must-haves.  Yes, please.  Especially when the designs have names like Dice and 8bit hearts which is what you were just exposed to. Pretty cool huh, yeah I thought you would like that. If you think that’s cool you should check out their other nail wrap designs like Dead Inside and Comic Book which looks just as awesome as it sounds. Yes they also have Harley Quinn inspired designs as well but those sell out pretty soon.  But as I was saying they have a few other options besides their kick-ass nail art accessories, you should give them a look for yourself.

No seriously after you read this go to their site.


Storybook Cosmetics

Now if you have no idea who Storybook Cosmetics are then where have you been? Because if living the nerdy life is for you then believe me you have an idea of at least who they are. Yeah sorry, it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy sorry. Because we all know that your girlfriend, sister or just plain friend has brought up at least one of their highly sought after palettes. I know I want one or two … maybe even three.  For those of you that have never heard of them. Storybook Cosmetics are a company cosmetics company that specializes in the magical world of fantasy and make believe… ok well not so much make believe since the make up is very much real but you get my point. They sell make up collections that are inspired by your favorite books or stories.  So be sure that you are going to find something to your liking.  Believe me, you will.  For example, they just launched a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory collection that is …just well something that I am in dire need of….

Yup knew that would get your attention.  Pretty bada** huh. Yeah I know I have to have it too.  If you think that it couldn’t get cooler than an eyeshadow palette collection inspired by one of the most amazing books ever well you’re wrong. Okay, I don’t know if it can get cooler than that but I’m sure it will come pretty close.


Sola Look

Now, this is a company I’m not that familiar with but when I saw they had just launched a palette inspired by Dirty Dancing (the original not the remake) … yeah you guessed it. It grabbed my attention.  Now with the company only launching in 2013 it is not a surprise that their collections are some what limited but still very shop worthy. Not only do they sell collections inspired by two of the greatest dance movies ever that let everyone know that it is completely ok to dance like no one is watching but they send a message of diversity well at least I think they do . Read their about us page you will know what I mean and in times like this diversity is a great thing.


MAC, Cover Girl etc.

Yup, you probably guessed that the ones cashing in on nerdy cosmetics are not all companies that specialize in the geek and nerd universe, Nope, in fact, a lot of companies decided to take a dip in geek and nerd fandom.  Companies like MAC and Cover Girl have decided to come up lines inspired by cult and sci-fi films.

Cover Girl did a Star Wars line around the time of the release of Episode VII. The items in this line ranged from lipsticks to nail polish. There were around 19 items total. Colors like C-3PO Gold and Stormtrooper Silver helped to promote this makeup line. I did end up grabbing a lipstick from this collection. After all who doesn’t want a lipstick with the words Star Wars on the side.

Now if you were one of the lucky few that managed to grab one at your local drugstore then awesome if not well then … I guess you are out of luck.  I’m pretty sure they are no longer available.  Whether or not Cover Girl is coming out with another line to promote the next episode in the saga is unclear but don’t fret there always drugstore brands that come out with a movie inspired line.

MAC is another makeup company that specializes in high end make up that is mostly available in stores like Sephora, MAC, Ulta etc. I have to say I was super surprised and freaking ecstatic when I saw this

Yeah, I know… Finally a sexy makeup line inspired by one of the best cult films ever. Now, first things first Is that makeup line still available? I don’t know. I got excited about it and decided to write about before doing some fact checking for you. But I am sure you can go MACs website and look it up, I know I’m going to as soon as  I finish here. if they don’t have this I am sure they will have something that I will end up putting on my wish list.  Why not, right? But if still haven’t convinced you…..

I don’t know about you but with glitter that inspired by the notorious Dr. Frankenfurter and lipstick colors copied to look like that of those famous red lips that have adorned anything Rocky Horror since its debut in 1975, I am so there.

Well, I hope that I have inspired you to look up some awesome makeup sites and maybe find something to call your own.  But for now, I say goodbye and make way for a much-needed brownie break.