If you’re anything like me, nostalgic video games bring you to a state of calm euphoria – a place you can forget the hustle and bustle of the current state of our world and return to being ten years old again. I’m certain that no consoles have the ability to do this in the same capacity that the Nintendo 64 does. So, what are the best N64 games to revisit as an adult? Here are some of my favorites:

Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap will forever hold a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite N64 game. Pokemon has always been my #1 fandom, so it was easy as a child to sink deeply into a world where I got to take photos of my favorite little monsters. The thrill came from constantly trying to beat your previous photo scores and find a way to open the secret pathways across the multiple maps within the game. To this day, the game has yet to get old while playing, and I still find a way to lose hours on the photo tour.

Mario Kart 64

This seems to be a given among N64 enthusiasts. And truly, what’s not to love? The game allows you to pick from your favorite classic characters and race your friends around a multitude of tracks. However, the real reason it made my list is the Balloon Battle option. My sisters and I would spend hours chasing each other around a map, trying to pop each other’s balloons. It was a great virtual way to settle real-life scores. And for those of us over the age of 21, let’s not forget the hours spent playing a little game we call “drunk driving” with our favorite Mario characters.

Cruis’n World

Having already mentioned N64, I have to mention my favorite racing game for the N64 – Cruis’n World. I can’t begin to account for the many hours my cousins, sister, and I spent racing each other around the world in this game. The countless maps and vehicles to choose from in this game were unmatched. And the soundtrack immersed you into whichever region of the world you decided to race around. Easily the best racing game to date, in my personal, non-professional opinion.

Pokemon Stadium

This is hands down my favorite game for the N64. As I mentioned above, you can’t beat Pokemon, so being able to hold actual Pokemon battles against your friends back in the day? Glorious. And if building your team and smashing your opponent wasn’t enough for you? The mini-games in Pokemon Stadium are unmatched to this day. I’d put them against any Mario Party ever made and maintain their superiority. Overall, a phenomenal game for any Pokemon or Nintendo fan.

Rugrats Scavenger Hunt

This one here is my favorite Nickelodeon nostalgia game. You spend the whole time playing a virtual board game, mini-games and looking for clues while hanging with your favorite Rugrats. You’re lying if you’re a 90s kid saying you didn’t love Rugrats. I will say – it’s a relatively slow-paced game that takes a while to move through, but worth it if you just want a fun, lowkey night in with friends or a significant other.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

First of all, the deep golden hue of the game cartridge is enough to love this game. But this swiftly became my favorite N64 RPG. You don’t have to be a Zelda fan to love this one – for its time, it was one of the most beautiful and creatively stimulating games I can remember playing growing up. And that just hits differently every time I revisit it as an adult—definitely a special place in my heart for this one.

Honorable Mentions:

Here are a few titles I still enjoy but aren’t necessarily on my favorites list BUT may have made it onto others’:

-GoldenEye 007 (the classic answer to “what’s your favorite N64 game – I just never got into it).

-Banjo-Kazooie (overall, a fun game, just wasn’t one I owned long enough to fall in love with).

-Yoshi’s Story (To be fair, I LOVED this game, I just had to narrow the list down a bit. So fun to see all colors of Yoshi).

-Bass Hunter 64 (This was easily my favorite time waster and the only way I got my dad to game with me).

Thanks for checking out my favorites! Let me know what some of yours are – I’d love to check them out and maybe even add them to my own tops!