In 2021, I wrote about an upcoming indie farming simulator called Coral Island. Its Kickstarter was backed in less than 36 hours, and I was so stoked about it. So, of course, I founded it and played the alpha, which I could not share any information about because players were under an NDA. However, it is now in early access, and I can share the joy that is this game!

Coral Island
Source: Coral Island Kickstarter [Stairway Games]

The Story

Stairway Games are developing Coral Island. It follows the story of a farmer leaving the big-city life in Pokyo behind and taking over their grandpa’s farm. The farmland is overgrown, and the house is a bit worse for wear; however, it beats city life! As the player settles in, the Pufferfish Drilling Corp. reveals nefarious plans for the island. As a result, the coral reef restoration project and the environment are at risk. It is up to the player to decide if Coral Island should be revitalized or left to its own devices.


I adored the alpha version of this game and knew early access would be just as grand. However, my expectations were pleasantly exceeded. The art style is pleasing to the eyes, and the NPCs have more life than some of the bigger titles I have played. I also appreciate the lack of a timeline this world has. I am not forced to get married by a particular year or complete quests in a specific order. It truly feels like I can move at my own pace.

The one aspect I was very excited about was diving. Players can restore the coral reefs by clearing trash. This paves the way for rare fish to visit, and players can use the kelp to increase the quality of crops and livestock. I have yet to see a similar feature in previous farming sims and found this to be a unique touch. It is fun and gives me warm fuzzy feelings about helping the environment. Overall, this game is heading in a direction that I love!

Odds and Ends

Check out the original article if you want to read more about this game. Additionally, Coral Island information can be found on its website. Finally, it can be found on Steam for your gaming pleasure!