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We open to the Quahog Fall Festival, where Lois, Meg, Chris, Peter, and Joe are strolling through. Well, Joe is rolling anyway. Because Joe is throwing his scarf around, he inadvertently goes for a ride on the Ferris wheel.

Brian and Stewie are off playing carnival games. Brian ditches Stewie in favor of getting laid by a carny in the porta-potty. Meanwhile, Lois and Meg are in the crowd while Peter and Chris do a generation gap contest against two other teams. It is to see how well the father and son teams know each other. Unfortunately, Peter and Chris come in dead last.

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Brian stumbles into Stewie’s room later that evening, completely smashed. He remembered Amber’s name but forgot Stewie’s. Lois gets on Peter. She is embarrassed for them and herself and thinks they need to know each other better. She isn’t wrong. She gets him to go upstairs to talk to Chris. At first, they have no idea what to talk about, which turns into bagging on Lois. She just hears laughter.

Chris and Peter are really bonding. Unfortunately, Lois the butt of the jokes they are making. Brian loves hooking up with Amber. He can lick the Fruit Loops off the carpet in the van while they have sex, and he is staying drunk. Lois is getting fed up with Chris and Peter. Chris and Peter have changed the power dynamic in the house, and Lois has been brushed aside. Brian finally came up for air from Amber. While talking to Stewie, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to break up with Amber. In a twist of events, Amber breaks up with him, which he doesn’t take well. Lois decides she needs to drive a wedge between Peter and Chris.

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How does Lois put a wedge between them? How does Brian soothe his wounded pride? What goes through their heads? The Griffins never cease to roll my eyes. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!