The announcement of Sims 5 has come. However, it may not have been in the way fans anticipated.

During the Behind the Sims Summit livestream, fans saw a sneak peak into the next Sims game. Under the codename of Project Rene, Maxis have claimed that this would be the future of the Sims. They also claimed that Sims 5 will “reimagine The Sims you know and love with new ways to play”.

Following the announcement, The Sims 4 base game has now been released for free. The team has said that new content would still be released for The Sims 4, but that the next generation was officially in development. The release date however is not for another few years at least.

What Do We Know So Far?

Source: The Sims | Official YouTube Channel

During the summit, viewers caught glimpses of early gameplay footage. While this is unlikely to be the final version of the game, we were at least offered a few glimpses into what was in store.

One of the main features shown is the more creative side of things. Avid architects and interior designers will love the ability to fully personalize furniture. However, it doesn’t end there, as players will also be able to switch out features of furniture to make it truly unique. Even the options to layer blankets and other clutter will be available.

There are also suggestions that The Sims 5 will have a multiplayer feature. The trailers showed cross-platform play, with the same room being edited both on PC and mobile devices. However, as for how far multiplayer stretches, that is still unclear. Online play in the past has enabled some level of collaboration through sharing buildings and families, but there is suggestion that there is more in store.

Source: PCGamer | Electronic Arts

What are your thoughts on the glimpses into the next Sims game? Are you excited for what Maxis has in store for the future? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments!