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Do you think cosplaying Death is too on the nose at Halloween? Nah, I don’t think so. My favorite depiction of Death is Neil Gaiman’s in The Sandman series. Neil Gaiman is also the author of American Gods and Good Omens. If you have read the comics/graphic novels or watched the show, you know Death is the older sister to Dream of the Endless from The Sandman series. If you have seen the Netflix series and liked it, go read the rest of the series.

Death is the personification of, well, death. She is bubbly and likable, not somber or cold. If I have to meet an entity when I die, instead of seeing a family member or a friend, I would love it to be her. She is good to her siblings. She loves them and takes the time to check on them. She is probably the glue that holds them together.

She doesn’t carry a scythe like the Grim Reaper. Other than the all-black, she isn’t like most Deaths we’ve seen. Like her brother Dream, Death has a sigil and wears it no matter what else she wears. Her sigil is an ankh. The rest is pretty open. I have seen her wear pants and skirts or dresses. Most often, she looks goth in both clothes and makeup. You will also see her often sporting an Eye of Horus on her left eye. Though I don’t have a picture of it, I was Death for Halloween one year. It was easy to do before trick-or-treating with kids. I left some links at the bottom of the article to help you out.