April is the best time of year for Arizonian’s because it’s not terribly hot outside. That’s why I am excited to inform everyone about an upcoming event called Zedtown.


Source: Zedtown Team

Zedtown is a unique cross between an action RPG and nerf technique. Their website describes it as, “a cross between Call of Duty and a Color Run” which is unique within itself. One picks their faction and starts battling zombies until they, themselves become one as well. What’s most exciting about this event is how interactive it is. As a Survivor one utilizes tips from a radio station and even downloads and app to track their progress.While, zombies are content with one thing, tagging their victims and eating their brains! Overall, it looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon.

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Source: Zedtown Team

While I’m counting down the days until the Phoenix event April 21st and 22nd, there is also one in Costa Mesa, California March 31st, and Austin, Texas April 14th and 15th. These locations allow individuals from all over the country to snag a piece of the action.

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Source: Zedtown Team

In order to experience Zedtown one must be 18 or older as well as bring their own foam blaster. On the Zedtown website there is a whole list of acceptable equipment one may use. Early bird ticket pricing ranges between $30 and $90 however, if one uses the code GAMEOFNERDS they will receive a buy one get one deal. Which is phenomenal due to the fact one must buy tickets in pairs.

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Source: Zedtown Team

Overall, I am excited for Zedtown and to see the people that attend. After watching their video, I noticed fans dress up which is always the best part of any event. I know I personally won’t last long as a survivor and look forward to becoming a beautiful zombie. In the end, April 21st can’t come soon enough, and I hope to see a lot of you there!

All pictures including the featured image are courtesy of Zedtown.