Move over Princess. There’s a new peach in the Mushroom Kingdom.

When Super Mario U Deluxe was released, we Nintendo lovers had no idea that this character would bring us such excitement and so many questions.

Yes, you read that correctly, an entirely new character in the Marioverse. If you didn’t know about this or thought this character was Princess Peach all along, then keep reading.


Her debut

After smashing a question mark block as Toadette, a new power-up emerges, the Super Crown. This crown grants special powers to Toadette and Toadette only.

When she uses the power-up, she is swept off her feet by a pink swirl and stars and becomes Princess Peach.

Wait…how? Aren’t we rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser right now? The iconic damsel in distress that always needs saving?

Nope. She’s not Princess Peach. She’s Peachette.

At first glance, Peachette looks a lot like her. She’s a tall, beautiful woman with a crown, a pink dress, and blonde hair.

But when you look closer, Nintendo made subtle changes to tell the two peaches apart.

Peachette has long, blonde, round braids. (say that 3x fast)

She is wearing Toad-like boots instead of high heels.

Her dress is more toad-inspired, with scalloped edges and white polka dots.

Her crown is not small with gems like the Princess’. Instead, it is larger, gemless, and filled with a pink polka-dot mushroom fabric. 

Some of the other subtle differences include earrings and eye color.

Via NintendoWiki and DeviantArt

Gameplay and powers

Playing as Peachette in Super Mario U Deluxe has become quite popular. Similar to the Mario raccoon power-up, Peachette can float through the levels leaving the lava and enemies behind. Just like Princess Peach could in Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Peach.

The best part is that she can easily soar to hard-to-reach places and rescue herself before perishing with the click of a button. So Peachette comes in quite handy, especially when playing two-player.

But now there are so many questions in the Marioverse


The Super Crown and a new character in the Marioverse have sent fans for a loop.

Players have been digging deep into Mario’s history to uncover the truth about the Mushroom Kingdom and its true ruler.

I can’t help but wonder:

Are there going to be Super Crowns for other characters in the future?

Will Peachette show up in other Mario games?

Will Peachette and Luigi have a thing?

Is Peachette the true ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom?

Can we use Peachette as a decoy for Bowser in the future?

I guess we will have to wait and see, but in the meantime, what are your thoughts and theories? Leave them in the comments below so we can discuss it.