Fortnite is one of the biggest and best-loved games in the world today. It took the industry by storm upon its release and has done nothing but improve and build since. Just about everyone with an interest in popular culture will know the name Fortnite, even if they don’t have a full understanding of what the game is all about.

It’s also one of the biggest names in the esports sector with teams from across the globe battling it out on Fortnite leagues and competitions to win prize money, the sums often life-changing amounts of money at the top end of the business. Esports players and Fortnite players are full time, professional gamers.

The rise of esports caught the attention of leading bookmakers and it didn’t take long for the gambling industry to get involved. Esports betting moved from a niche market with firms offering a small number of markets on a selection of games to a packed tab with tournaments from around the world. Not only do leading bookies offer pre-match and in-play betting on Fortnite esports, but they also give members free access to esports live streams. 

Esports and Fortnite continue to grow but there are still many potential fans who would love to get involved but have been put off by a lack of knowledge on the subject. If you are new to Fortnite or professional gaming it may seem a little daunting, but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s a lot easier to understand than it may seem at first glance.

Our content writers provide a guide to Fortnite, providing basic information on the game giving you a better understanding of how it works, the costs of playing, and other important snippets of information.

Fortnite ranks as the world’s most popular battle royale game and it was developed by Epic Games. When playing the game, users drop onto a map as a single player or as part of a team and the basic aim is to collect as many weapons and items as is possible in the time. This should be done on the route to reaching the center of the map. The winner of the game is the last player standing at the end.

A ring around the map gradually closes as the game progresses and any player caught outside this ring is eliminated from the game. You won’t encounter many other players in the early stages of play as the map is large but, as it closes, you’ll come into contact with more players and things get interesting. It’s a format fans can’t get enough of.

Another interesting aspect of Fortnite is that you can build and contribute to the game as you play. For example, you can build structures or set traps for other players. The best Fortnite players are successful and skilled at both building and shooting.