Can a single person make a difference in the fight against veteran homelessness? This pandemic of a problem seems to get worse every year and has reached a near breaking point. However, comic creator Geoff Johns believes that he can help. While he knows that a single step won’t endless homelessness, a charitable act he and his partner Gary Franks are planning may help in many ways.

The two are the creative minds behind the “Unnamed Universe” or Geigerverse. They are also the grandsons of World War II veterans and have a strong connection with the problems of veterans as a result. Thankfully, the two of them have decided to make a major step by creating a charitable drive with the release of “Junkyard Joe,” a much anticipated and exciting new comic.

What is Junkyard Joe?

Junkyard Joe” is a comic to be released in October 2022 that centers on the titular robotic soldier. Joe is first brought into commission during the Vietnam War, where he ruthlessly kills America’s enemies. Joe is programmed to be a combat machine and he doesn’t let down his side. He is particularly programmed to protect Americans and the American Way of life in a way very similar to Superman.

In fact, Johns and Franks noticed this similarity while writing “Junkyard Joe” and found themselves continually drawn to this violent robot. Like all programmed entities, Joe is only capable of doing what is allowed of him by his creators. As a result, Johns and Franks find the story possesses far more humanity and heart than expected. Johns had this to say about the series:

“For a story centered on a violent robotic soldier, JUNKYARD JOE is one of the most human stories I’ve ever written. Gary and I have always centered our stories around the heart of our characters, around emotion. With Superman, we explored what friends meant to him in our Legion of Super-Heroes arc, and then what family was to him in Brainiac and Secret Origin.

He continued: “We re-introduced Shazam and focused on the literal magic of found family. And with Doomsday Clock, we wanted to contrast Watchmen, the greatest comic book story ever written, and the influence it’s had, with Superman, the greatest comic book character ever created, and the influence he has, which is powerful and undeniable.

He then iterated what he believes that Joe brings to the “Unnamed Universe and the comic world in general: “With Junkyard Joe, Gary and I have again created from the heart, a story of an old man full of regret and trauma who doesn’t see much of a life ahead, until Junkyard Joe shows up.” It is that unique humanity that caused them to pair with the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Aid to help homeless veterans struggling with this difficult reality.

How This Comic Will Help With Homeless Veterans

Alongside the standard release of “Junkyard Joe” volume one, Johns and Franks are releasing a limited-edition black-and-white edition. Released in very small numbers at a higher price, the profits from this comic will go to the above-mentioned charity. This group works to help veterans find homes and provides assistance for veterans going through difficult emotional periods and transitions.

For instance, this commission can help veterans with PTSD work through these challenging emotions and emerge happier. While it may not cure their struggles or calm them entirely, treatment can provide them with coping mechanisms that help. Doing so can help them better understand their conflicted emotions about their time in the war and ensure that they feel comfortable and happy as people.