Trick or treat, here’s some anime coming this fall!

Anime lovers, prepare for the tummy aches from all the delicious treats you’ll get this fall season! From the highly-anticipated Chainsaw Man to the return of the shinigami-slaying Ichigo from Bleach, you’ll be eating well this spooky season! Here’s a “brief” highlight of what’s to come!

Chainsaw Man

Devils beware! The Devil Hunters are coming to a screen near you! Based on the highly selling shōnen manga, Chainsaw Man will debut on Crunchyroll on October 11. The story will follow Denji, who finds himself working for the Public Safety Devil Hunter Division after receiving a second chance at life. A government-backed crew whose duties include kicking ass and sending Devils back to the underworld.

In a world where Devils are born from real-world fears (Darkness, Gun, and yes, even a Cockroach Devil), someone’s got to do the dirty work. So, of course, it’s the Chainsaw Devil who gives Denji a second life with a few conditions. In addition to merging with the Chainsaw Devil and forming a symbiotic relationship, Denji now has the ability to summon chainsaws on his extremities. That sets up Denji, now half-Devil, and his resume to be a certified Devil Hunter!

Blood is in the air once again with studio MAPPA (Attack On Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen) releasing the anime’s newest trailer. Although the first trailer was more of a teaser, fans were fed well this time around. This year’s trailer featured voice acting lines from the main characters as well as fan favorite supporting characters. However beautiful and anticipated as last year’s trailer was, it only featured an OST track and a few sound effects.

Airing in October, the initial season will have 12 episodes. The staff also announced the opening’s title, “KICK BACK”, played by Kenshi Yonezu. Fans of My Hero Academia will surely recognize the voice. Series creatives also revealed each episode would have its own ending theme played by different artists. With a star-studded lineup of directors, voice actors, and musicians, this anime has everything on the table to succeed. Time will tell if it delivers!


If Chainsaw fanatics thought the year-long anticipation from manga to anime adaptation was excruciating, imagine the relief Bleach fans received earlier this year. Finally, after nine long years, Bleach returns with the “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc this October.

The Big Three dominated the early part of the previous decade in shōnen anime: Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. Naruto reached its series conclusion in 2017. One Piece continues airing seasons and even has a new film (One Piece Film: Red) set to release this November in North America. And what of Bleach’s presence in the second half of the decade?

Despite all its momentum and popularity, Bleach went into an abrupt hiatus with little explanation. Speculation and rumors exist in abundance, but no one will ever know for sure why Studio Pierrot and series author Tite Kubo suddenly stopped collaborating.

With each passing year, it appeared as though the anime might never make a resurgence despite the author continues to write the manga. But anniversaries once again proved memorable, as 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Bleach’s manga start. With it came the official announcement of the anime’s return.

The trailer that followed last December, courtesy of JUMP FESTA, only added to the hype. Full of updated animation and dazzling colors, the trailer promised to pick up right where the series left off nine years prior.

*Minor spoilers ahead*

Covering nineteen volumes, the two-hundred-chapter arc will cover the return of the Quincy’s and their Wandenreich (Invisible Empire). Remember Ichigo’s close friend and battle companion, Uryū Quincy? It turns out Uryū and his father weren’t the last two remaining Quincys. The anime will dive into the 1000-year Quincy clan disappearance and why they chose this moment to return.

We can expect to see Uryū and Ichigo’s friendship tested and see where Uryū’s alliance lies. Of course, some awe-inspiring battle sequences as well! Whose character are you most excited to see a return to the action?

Spy x Family

Anya and the Forger “family” are also back! Arguably one of the most popular newcomer anime is set to return on October 1. While airing part one of its first season earlier in the spring, the slice-of-life comedy spy-thriller was quick to captivate enthusiasts of all anime genres. Of course, it’s no surprise considering its easily-digestible plot brimming with genuine writing.

If you’re itching to get into anime but don’t know where to start, Spy x Family might be your gateway anime! But, make sure also to check out these other intro anime that might do you in!

Written by mangaka Tatsuya Endo, the manga/anime chronicles the hijinks of Twilight, spy alias Loid Forger. At the start of the series, the spy is assigned a new mission where he must recruit agents to form a fictitious family. Enter Anya, an adorable schoolgirl with psychic abilities, and Yor Forger; the pretend housewife who moonlights as an assassin.

Here’s the kicker: Anya is aware of her newly adopted parents’ secret identities but chooses not to disclose the information to either of them. What kind of outlandish situations might that decision lead to? There’s only one way to find out!

*Minor spoilers ahead*

While the creators were aiming not to disclose too much, they recently released a minute-long teaser that revealed the upcoming “Doggy Crisis” arc. Because it’s Spy x Family, the Forgers find themselves adding a dog to their family with, that’s right, powers to see the future. The dynamics between the telepath Anya and her new super-puppy will be one to follow! With the second part of the season set to release 13 episodes, this will be a sweet treat to keep up with throughout the fall season!

Will you be watching any of these animes with delicious seasonal treats in hand? Comment down below!