What is Cosplay

So, what is cosplay? Cosplay is the art of taking costume items and making them wearable. It allows us to portray a character we love from fiction or reality in a manner we enjoy. The costuming hobby isn’t limited to just one fandom either. We can cosplay from anime, comic books, games, movies, music, video game, anime games or television, among others. Cosplayers can take a piece of their favorite character or characters and create a complete look to express their love.

The term cosplay is often used to describe the practice of dressing up as one’s favorite character from a video game, movie, or TV show. But with its origins in Japan, cosplay has evolved into a global phenomenon that encompasses not just costuming but also art, photography, music, and dancing.

Origins of Cosplay

The term was rumored to be coined by Nobuyuki Takahashi of Studio Hard when attending the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) in Los Angeles. The term originates from the words Costume+Play. Cosplay is called “Kosupure” in Japan and was westernized into a Cosplay portmanteau.

This may come as a surprise, but many believe that Cosplaying may have come from the United States instead of Japan. It is very clear Japan made it so widely acceptable and popularized the art form, but evidence shows that a certain Morojo was the first to do Cosplay in Science Fiction Conventions in New York as far back as 1939!

Morojo’s real name is Myrtle Rebecca Smith Gray Nolan, but some call her Myrtle R. Douglas. She was a huge Science Fiction fan and Fanzine publisher. She is known as a free-spirited individual who was also a known atheist in a time when that was very rare. She somewhat embodies what Cosplaying really is.

What are Cosplayers and what drives them?

Cosplayers are those people who dress up like their favorite fictional characters. This is done to look and behave exactly like the character in the roleplay. They dress as their favorite character and act in a manner similar to how they’d act if they were the character in the story. Simply put, it’s a relatively modern form of artistic expression similar to popularized western LARP (Live Action Role Play).

It’s really as old as time when people play dress-up as whoever when they were kids. Cosplaying is said to give one a boost of self-confidence, similar to what acting does. It takes a lot of courage to act out roles in public but the organized events and conventions do make it a lot more acceptable. With Cosplaying you can be whoever you want to be, and it’s a great outlet for a lot of anime or comic book fans who want to socialize in person.

Why is Cosplaying so popular now?

One of the reasons cosplay has gained much attention is because it allows individuals to take on roles that they may otherwise never experience in real life. Individuals may enjoy playing these roles and get a chance to interact with others as the character that they’re impersonating. People may even have fun just watching other people enjoy themselves. This activity is very popular among young people as many of them enjoy dressing up and taking pictures of themselves.

Another reason is the astounding popularity of anime and manga mediums of entertainment. Shows like Naruto, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and the like have exploded in popularity once they started streaming on Netflix. 

How does one get into Cosplaying?

There are tons of conventions all over the world and you just have to go online and check when and where. People in these events don’t judge, so you’re free to be whoever you want in these events. The key is actually doing it before you worry about other factors that just hinder you from doing so. Try going to smaller events in your area first to get your feet wet, then when you’ve done that, you can go for much bigger events like Comic Con and the like.

Cosplay isn’t just a hobby anymore. You can now buy cosplay costumes, props, and anime merch from poggers.com. The first thing to do is check out the site’s product listings, which will tell you what items are currently available for sale. Once you’ve found a costume that you want to purchase, just go for it.

You can probably create your own costume using different materials depending on how creative or ambitious your goals are. You have to understand that experienced cosplayers will definitely put the work in and come up with elaborate and well-crafted costumes. As a beginner, you will have to set realistic goals and keep it simple on your first go.

 Are there rules to Cosplaying?

Some rules for Cosplaying can be summarized as:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Have fun
  • Dress appropriately
  • Make sure you can move around easily
  • Be in character as much as you can
  • Treat others with respect


In conclusion, Cosplaying has become popular around the world and has gained significant exposure as a result. This new craze has taken cosplayers from being mere enthusiasts to becoming a form of art, and it’s the best way to dress up for Halloween! It’s the perfect way to express your love of certain characters, and with the ability to share your passion for them with others, it’s also the perfect hobby for those who enjoy collecting unique items. Whether you’re new to cosplay or just starting out, I hope that these tips will help you become a more successful cosplayer in the future. Good luck!