Cosplay is a world of fun, giving creators the ability to make something truly mesmerizing and letting fans be their heroes for a day. Of course, like any hobby, cosplay isn’t always easy. It can be even harder for plus-sized women to gain inspiration when a lot of well-known costume artists are a smaller shape and size. As a plus-sized woman myself, I’ve always found patterns to be tricky and certain cosplays to never make accommodations for my structure.

But now I have real-world heroes who are making that difference! These ladies change the game with their incredible style and talent; truly they’ll inspire any plus-sized cosplay goer to get in gear.


Sugarpucks, a.k.a.Β Sara Katherine Burnett, is not only a cosplayer and anime fan, she’s also an artist. Her Instagram account has a ton of wonderful drawings and sculptures including photos of her everyday life; cats, dogs and daily silliness. She’s inspirational as a cosplayer, artist and person in general!


Because have you seen this Harley cosplay? Robin Nixon, robinthe_nerdyfashionista, is extremely talented. She loves cats and Disney (which you all should too). One thing I really admire about Nixon is how honest she is with her viewers. Her love for characters is something I think we can all relate to and she truly has some inspiration for anyone looking to cosplay! If you haven’t seen her latest project with her flounder BB-8, you’re missing out!


You should follow Spice_Rack for a number of reasons, but mostly you should follow her because she has awesome taste. A nerd like the rest of us, she also enjoys burlesque, dancing and thrifting. Her account isn’t all cosplay (although if it was all her Leia cosplay I would have literally no complaints) but is usually filled with general nerdiness that you guys would definitely like.


Katie Starr, nerdgirlcosplay, is a huge fan of Star Wars, if the photo above didn’t say it all. If you follow her, you’re guaranteed to get a ton of porgs, but more importantly, you’re going to get really thought out cosplays that are seriously wonderful. Starr also really loves to build her props, so if you’re looking for some inspiration in that department look no further!


Lantheacosplay, or Erica Brookfield, creates simply stunning cosplays. Her prop and armor work is really out there and creative. Brookfield does a lot of twists on the original characters, so I’d highly suggest her if you’re looking to do something out of the ordinary with a cosplay.