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Ishtar, also called Ianna in Mesopotamia, is the Babylonian goddess of love, war, and fertility. She is also called the Queen of Heaven. Ishtar is one of the original beings that could say, “I brought you into this, and I can take you out of it.” She was the most revered and worshiped goddess of the Babylons.

Ishtar is a fierce goddess. I mean, she rides a lion, which also happens to be one of her symbols. Other symbols include a hook-shaped knot of reeds, doves, rosettes, and eight-point stars. She lives in the heavens. Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus as well.

Ishtar’s parents are Nanna, the god of the moon, and Ningal. She has a twin brother Utu, the god of the sun. She also has an older sister, Ereshkigal, goddess of Kur, which is the land of the dead. Her consorts are Dumuzid, the god of shepherds, and Zababa, a war god. Dumuzid was Ishtar’s first consort and her main man. Her child is Nanaya.

Ishtar is said to be a powerful beauty. She wore makeup before it was popular, beautiful, expensive clothes, and exquisite jewelry. Her great looks helped her in the worship as a marriage, fertility, and sex goddess. While she helps with all that, her own love life is complicated. On the other hand of that, you know the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Well, she could have been the originator of that too. She is a goddess of war too. Men would pray to her to cause damage to their enemies. Because she can harness thunderstorms, she sends them to cause mass destruction to crops and other things.

Have you played Ishtar yet? She is a new goddess in Smite. I have recently started playing Smite, and it is a trip to play. I suck at it currently. What do you like about the game? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week, have fun storming the castle!