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If you missed my article on Janus, you can find it here.

To clarify the deviation from my usual way of presenting the Gods, Smite only has Xbalanque as a god on the roster. Still, you can’t talk about Xbalanque without talking about Hunahpu. They are the twin heroes of the Mayan people. To exclude one is only to give part of the story. They were not only gods but heroes too.

Hun-Hunahpu is the father of Xbalanque and Hunahpu and was a twin himself. Their mother is Xquic. I will tell you that story in a minute. The Twins are quick-witted and intelligent as well as strong. They have some older half-brothers. I, unfortunately, can’t find their names.

So to make good on my promise, Hun-Hunahpu and his twin brother went to Xibalba, which is the Mayan underworld, to play a ball game. Ultimately both were killed. Hun-Hunahpu’s head was hung on a tree. A young woman, Xquic, walked past the tree, and he spat on her. It can only happen with Gods, but this is how she got pregnant. She fled to his mother, Xpiyacoc, because when her father found out she was pregnant, things went sideways, and the owl messengers helped her run. Xquic had to pass a test before Xpiyacoc would believe her, which she did.

For all you siblings out there, Xbalanque and Hunahpu get the best revenge on their older brothers. Their older brothers tried to kill them numerous times, starting when they were babies. They were made to do chores and labor while their brothers rested and played all day. One day when they returned home empty-handed after hunting, they convinced their brothers to climb the trees to retrieve the bird they shot because it was too high for them. Once up there, Xbalanque and Hunahpu made the tree grow even taller, turning them into monkeys.

The brothers grew and had adventures together but wanted to avenge their father. They even played ball in the same court their father and uncle had. When they played, the game’s noise bothered the inhabitants of Xibalba, so the Xibalbans demanded they play with them. When they responded to the enforced invitation, they had trials to do to play ball. This was the same for Hun-Hunahpu and his twin. Fortunately for Xbalanque and Hunahpu, they had continued to hone their intelligence and wit. They could pass the tests with relative ease, whereas their father and uncle struggled and barely made it.

After the trials, they get to play ball only to find blades in the ball meant to kill them. They insist on playing with their ball, or they will leave the game. After purposely losing the game, they were rewarded with more tests. They passed those and played again, only to lose again on purpose. They were doing the final tests, and Hunahpu lost his head to Camazotz, which they used as a wall decoration or the game ball the next. I am not sure which. In any case, Hunahpu has a turtle for a head now. As the game goes, Xbalanque retrieves Hunahpu’s head, and like any good movie, they win the game. They go on to defeat the Xibalbans and retrieve their father finally. Crawling out of Xibalba, they pass Earth and keep climbing, becoming the sun and the moon.

Wow! They went through hell, literally. What do you think? Do you play Xbalanque on Smite? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!