Source: SCHiM | Official Steam Page

SCHiM is a game in which players take the role of a shadow. Your goal is to find the person who you’re the shadow of. To do so, you must travel through a light and colorful world by jumping through other shadows. This unique 3D platformer uses light and animation to enhance gameplay, making the experience new and intuitive.

The word ‘schim’ is used to describe “the soul and spirit of an object, thing, or living being”, and that everyone and everything in the world has one. Rarely do they ever get separated – so when you do, you do everything in your power to return to your human. However, your power is limited by light. Touch light and the schim is gone.

Originally showcased in Wholesome Direct 2022, this game is yet to have a release date. However, the game will be released on Playstation, PC, and possibly also mobile. If you want more information about SCHiM, you can find the official website here. Check out the early teaser trailer below:

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