Perhaps one of the hardest parts about the COVID-19 pandemic is how quickly it’s changed our lives. You’ve likely experienced uncertainty in everything from your job to your social life to your future. With everything going on, it’s more important than ever now to maintain strong relationships. Human connections can help you keep a bit of normalcy in your life. For couples, the new reality can be particularly hard. Having date nights – even at home – can help keep your spirits up.

Work Out Together 

After a long day of telecommuting, working out can be very refreshing. When you exercise with your partner, you’ll have someone to motivate you and push through till the end. Often, they’re also your personal cheerleader. You might do partner yoga or get some inspirational workout videos going.

Have a Game Night

Now is a great time to play some games together. Pull a few of the classics out of your closet, like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship, as according to a recent study by Betway, are more searched than ever. This can be a good way to put down the devices and play the old-fashioned board games that many are discovering for the first time. Or use this as an excuse to treat yourself to a new game of Pandemic or a Catan expansion. 


Betway Infographic

Source: Betway Infographic


If you want to make things a bit more interesting, use them to determine who washes the dishes or does the laundry next time. The winner gets to skip some household chores. If you like the idea of raising the stakes a bit, you might be interested in trying your hand at an online casino. It’s an exciting way to spend time together.

Have a Special Dinner

It’s easy to order a takeout meal and call it good. But if you can cook, consider making something for your partner. It might be a meal as simple as spaghetti with homemade or frozen meatballs, or you could go all out and create a meal with several courses. For a date night, consider having a cook-off. You might do each other’s favorite dishes, something that reminds you of the other person, or breakfast for dinner. You can even make your dinner into an at-home picnic. Your yard or even balcony is perfect for this. If you’re outside, try planning your date night for a clear evening where you can watch the stars. If you don’t have an outdoor space you can use, or if the weather isn’t nice, you can even put a blanket down in your living room. 

Learn a New Hobby 

A great part of any relationship is learning new things with your partner. It might be hard to try something different, but when you have someone you love by your side, it becomes more fun. There are lots of new things you can try without leaving your home and consider trying several new hobbies to see what you both like. Consider one of these ideas:

  • Look online for videos that let you paint along with the artist.
  • Learn how to sew. It’s useful, and you might just be able to make some cute face masks to match with your partner.
  • Pick up gardening, even if it’s just a few herbs on your balcony.