Source: Blanc | Official Steam Page

Blanc is an “artistic cooperative adventure” game meant for two. Players take the role of a wolf cub and deer fawn, both surviving in the snowy wilderness. This unlikely friendship aims to help both young animals survive in the unknown, and find their families.

The story is described as being one which is an “emotional journey”, that players can experience together. Being two very different animals, their strengths and weaknesses must come together if they are to find their way home. Blanc aims to weave the story in textless gameplay, with only what is on screen weaving together the tale. For example, the tall elegance of the fawn can reach things the much smaller wolf pup can’t.

Another factor of the game is how it is completely hand-drawn. Every character and every environment was first imagined in 2D on paper. Afterward, it was re-imagined into 3D graphics, but still maintained the love and care of the original drawings.

Playing the game does require two players, for someone to be the fawn and someone to be the pup. The game is about working together to locate your families. The game will be able to play both locally, sharing a screen, or online for long-distance friends and partners. It also aims to be easy to play, requiring only two buttons to play. This allows everyone, regardless of skill level, to play.

Blanc is scheduled to be released in 2023 on PC and Nintendo. If you’re interested, then check out the trailer below:

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