Raya is a girl who wants to be just like her father. She wants to protect all that her people deem sacred and that is the dragon gem. Long ago their people lived in Kumandra alongside the dragons who brought prosperity to the land. But as any story goes, people are greedy. And due to that greed, they caused a once prosperous world into desolation. The dragons made the world a paradise until the Drune came, the black plague on Kumandra and its people. The dragons came together to create this gem and it drove the plague away. But that also meant the dragons were now gone too. For 500 years the lands were torn apart each land coveting the gem

Raya’s father is head of their land, Heart. He is trying to bring Kumandra back once again so that the head and the tail may prosper. Raya doesn’t understand why her father would invite their enemies to their land. Each clan thinks the gem is a weapon and is skeptical of the Chief. Things don’t go according to plan as Raya tries to reach out a trusting hand to Nemari of Fang, and she betrays Raya by gaining her friendship and trust based on a mutual love of dragons. Raya then decides to show her the dragon gem and but Nemari has other plans and gives us the location of the gem. Before she knows it all the clans are vying for the gem and the gem gets broken. Then each of the clans takes a piece of a gem for themselves and returns to their lands. Unbeknownst to them, the gem only holds back the Drune, but selfishness and greed take over along with rational thought, The Drune turns everyone in Heart into stone except Raya. She is saved when her father tosses her into the river. The Drune is repelled by water.

Fast-forwarding to the present, Raya is six years older and on her way to Tail. She is trying to find something or someone. Everywhere she turns she can see the after-effects of the plague and the many people turned into stone. She finds herself at the end of the path of a river. She has been searching for the last dragon. To help bring her father back. She uses the map stolen from Nemari and she desperately asks for help. Raya knows that she made a mistake and has reflected on those actions. To get the dragon to come to her she honors the dragon and builds an altar for her. It works. She manages to awaken Sisu. Sisu is not at all what she expected. Then she reveals the truth about the gem. Raya finds out that Sisu is a little ditzy. Together they vow to retrieve all the stones and put things back together.

Raya isn’t the only one who has grown up. Nemari is also on the hunt as well. Raya beat her there and managed to escape before Nemari goes there. So now, they are on a journey to the rest of the lands to gather the pieces of the dragon gem. It is a haphazard journey full of laughs, mischief, sketchy spots, booby traps, and a Con-Baby. Yes, I said con baby. See over the last six years many people have been turned into stone and that leaves some people all alone. Raya also manages to pick up some friends to help along the way too. One friend from each land. The little gang manages to obtain pieces of the gem leaving the hardest one for last. And it lies in the land of Fang. Nemari’s country. So, Raya still has to deal Nemari on her tail too, and the threat of her taking the gems for herself.

As you go along with Raya and her adventure, she encounters many obstacles and threats. But she manages to get close to her goal, but not without a little help from friends picked up along the way. But Raya understands that she may have to put her trust in someone once again. Is she able to do it? Will her trusting ways destroy the world and her father included? Raya has to correct her mistakes and that may mean doing something that she once got her into trouble. All in all the ride was wild and full of laughs and a few tears.