Source: Spirittea | Official Steam Page

After drinking the Spirittea, you, the player, can see spirits. In this town, they are everywhere: causing mischief, havoc, and making a once lovely little town into something it isn’t. Will you be able to calm these spirits and make them feel at peace again?

In this newest release from No More Robots, Spirittea puts players in charge of a bathhouse – but for spirits. After moving to this new town, players discover that they can see spirits. Befriending a curious cat-like spirit, players and Wonyan come together to help these spirits find peace.

Even the bathhouse that players manage is a spirit. Clean it up, fill it with customers, and make everyone around happy. However, it isn’t as easy as sitting spirits in water. Players will have to consider what food each spirit likes, their ideal water temperature, and most importantly, who they can and cannot sit with. No one wants a fight in the bathhouse.

Other Features Include:

  • Solving the spirits problems will take more than just a bathhouse. Find lost items and start solving problems.
  • Spirits aren’t the only beings here – humans are too! Make friends and try out new hobbies.
  • Upgrade and decorate the bathhouse to make it the five star attractive that it deserves to be.

Spirittea will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch, and is scheduled to be available to play at some point this year. Interested? Then check out the trailer below:

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