Every year online platforms upgrade to gain more members. Each year visitors to these platforms increase as well. 

Playing video games, checking social media, posting pictures, listening to music, or creating content online has become a hobby for most people, including you.

The online industry indeed creates an internet world where everybody can express themselves well. Playing games is an example of expressing one’s passion for game technology.

Video games are very addicting, especially for young players. Today, major video games strengthen their gaming policy so that those 18 years old and above can play big leagueS, specifically, those games with aggressive scenes. Aggressive games can trigger mental health issues and make young players go wild. 

It is why livecasino.monster comes with age and content rating, and parents can educate themselves on which video games are appropriate for their child. Parents have the call to control their children with their online activities. 

Also, video game providers impose high-level protocols to protect their industry and those young players. Hence, these aggressive and violent video games dominate online games even though they negatively affect players. 

If you are looking for video games most played by many adults recently, you came to the right place. What are you waiting for, let’s talk more about the most played video games today.

The Most Played Video Games Today

Here is the list of video games in 2022 that you should know.

The PUBG Battleground

The PUBG battlegrounds take the number one spot in today’s most played video games. It’s a game that contains thrilling shooting scenes that attract global players well. 

The game is fun and addicting and will exceed your gaming expectations because of its great publications and content.

The Fortnight

Fortnight is an epic game that provides stunning vibrant color, a contagious dance emote, and in-game currency. Like in PUBG, they also have a concept of thrilling shoot scenes that you will get addicted to. If you love fighting and shooting games, you should include fortnight in your list.

The Minecraft

Both children and adults can play Minecraft. However, parents should still check their children when they play this game from time to time. Minecraft provides its players with a box of thrilling adventure games that you can interact with other players worldwide. 

You can experience 3D game scenes that you will love; although this game is simple, its capacity to provide fun is ecstatic. 

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros have over 58 million players worldwide. It also team up with the best-selling video games worldwide which is Nintendo.

Moreover, Super Mario Bros is an adventure game that will make your free time fun. 

The League Of Legends Game

The League of Legends is one of the most visited and okayed online video games today. They have over 150 million registered players today. You need to team up with other champions in these games before competing with a different set of champion players. If you like team games, League of Legends is the best choice for you. 

The Resident Evil

The Resident Evil is a type of video game that portrays survival horror theme that will make your world upside down

You can have horror and thrilling gaming experience, which is attractive to those players who want horror theme games. 

Call Of Duty

One of the modern warfare video games online is Call Of Duty. It provides world-class multiplayer systems with high-level entertaining and furious gaming scenes, and its realistic approach will keep you playing the game. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a sign to play online games now, these video games are ready to provide you with a fun way to use your free time. 


Indeed video games are one of the popular pastime activities of many individuals. You can play it whether you are 18 years old or older.  

Many players find video gaming activity as a public ground where you can enjoy freely at your own pace. You cannot harm anyone on this platform, even if you are playing an aggressive game. 

Also, today’s dominating video games are those games with shooting, survival, and aggressive scenes. People love video games because it changes their bad mood instantly. 

Video games are a great activity to express and release stress. Playing fun games removes you for a while in a toxic environment. It is a good therapy also to release negativities by converting bad energy into playing.

Moreover, video games may be addicting. Hence it is not a guarantee that when you become addicted, you’ll become dysfunctional. Hence, it will depend on you if you will not control yourself from playing. 

Lastly, playing video games is okay, and it is not wrong to enjoy it sometimes. However, as players, you should know your boundaries and limits. Learn to control yourself by playing video games because it’s hard to get out if you get too much into this kind of activity.