Source: Irori | Official Page

Irori is a cozy cooking simulator which takes place on a train. On this train, players take the role of the chef. Their purpose is to cook for the travelers that cross on the train. The game is clear: “As the aroma of savory skewers wafts outside, hungry passengers rest their weary souls at the hearth … Cook up a variety of skewers to warm bellies and hearts as you cross paths with travelers on their own journeys.”

The art style is what brings the comparison to Studio Ghibli films. The ingredients look delicious, and many of them are unusual, which fits the fantasy world perfectly. Combine the ingredients available to you to make meals for the world-weary adventurers that come to you for succor. Some of them may even be so kind as to share tales and stories of their travels with you.

The game is currently available on PC and the demo is free to play. However, while there were planned updates, the development team is currently on break. When they will return, and whether production will be continued on Irori, is currently unclear.

Still, players are welcome to play the demo. While there is no official trailer for the game, a video of gameplay can be found here for those curious:

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