We have seen many amazing old games being remade, but game developers can remake more games with the current technological advancement. Other games are great, but they have not been remade, and people might miss out on their greatness.

While we enjoy seeing new intellectual properties explore new terrain and sequels provide new twists to games we enjoy, I believe we would all appreciate the opportunity to play vintage games that haven’t aged gracefully. The following is a list of games that could use a remake, and we experience their greatness in a new era of technology.

King’s Field

When the initial King’s Field was published in the United States, it was panned by numerous critics for being too sluggish and slow and not fast enough to compete with Doom. Because if it was a first-person shooter back then, it had to be contrasted to Doom. However, the truth is that these games were truly exceptional at their core.

 Exploration was always rewarding and leveling up, and monsters were extremely well-balanced. With a wealth of firearms, ammunition, and items that your character may collect, the games did an excellent job balancing danger and reward during exploration, allowing you to progress without feeling wholly damaged.

The games’ labyrinths have an intriguing and frightening vibe and a bit of imagination. With all these features, many regions might be incredibly haunting and spooky. However, the blocky PlayStation-era graphics, particularly in the first several games in the series, do not hold up today. Although King’s Field: The Ancient City was a lot better-looking PS2 sequel, it, too, could use a boost.

A King’s Field enhanced Collection would be an incredible gem with a graphical upgrade and a rewriting of a few of the previous games’ dungeon designs. Many players would enjoy its remake, including software fans.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is another successful video game that debuted in the 1990s. There have been multiple sequels to the game since then. Still, what distinguishes this series from others is that it was a box office hit on the big screen. It also made it to the casino world, which is very common in slot games.

With a remake, its graphics would be improved and improve the user experience for those playing in casinos and at home. It would also be easier to incorporate the online casino banking methods into them with a remake, making it easier for the players.

Final Fantasy VI

While we’re on classics that haven’t received the complete recreation or upgrade treatment, Final Fantasy VII has gotten the attention it deserves, and I can’t wait for Part 2. Final Fantasy VI, on the flip side, is a fantastic masterpiece from the Final Fantasy series that is slowly being forgotten.

Final Fantasy VI was the highlight of the 2D version of Final Fantasy games, in my opinion. Kefka remains one of gaming’s best villains. Even though the game is adorable in 2D, and the pixel art is incredible, it could become a visual extravaganza if rebuilt adequately in 3D. Consider how the opera scenario would look in a 3D environment and tell me if it doesn’t deserve a remake.

Super Mario 64

Some people might consider this a controversial suggestion but let’s look at how it could use a remake.

The Mario brand has produced some of the best platforming games ever created, and they have endured the test of time. And when Super Mario 64 was launched, it was a complete game-changer. It pioneered the 3D collect-a-thon genre and characterized what a 3D game could be back before anyone understood how to traverse platforming in a 3D area.

However, the game now feels a little clumsy. The camera functions are entirely outdated, and the gameplay itself is a little strange. In addition, it’s not relatively as compact as future Mario games will be.

There is nothing to be changed with this title in terms of design. It’s still a classic, and in comparison to the levels of similar titles produced nowadays, I think the game’s smaller levels are a bonus. Unfortunately, 3D collect-a-thons can become weighed down in too huge and barren environments at times.

I believe Super Mario 64 would be modernized if it gets a graphics overhaul equivalent to what Super Mario All-Stars did for the NES Mario games, and also a revamped camera and slightly less clumsy controls. And, yes, a Nintendo DS remaster was released in 2004, but I’m referring to a complete control and graphical upgrade. Imagine Peach’s castle is not only for Super Mario Adventures but for the whole Super Mario 64 series.


Like it is mentioned in the article, all these games are fantastic. However, a little remake would make them more brilliant, and they would continue being gems in the world of gamers. We all love a great game, and these classics would be even greater with a remake.