Nowadays, the internet has become a very important part of our lives, and we use it for all kinds of things, including playing games online with friends or family members. There are many social games that you can play on your computer or mobile device, but online games offer the perfect compromise between convenience and entertainment.

You can play with your friends, loved ones, or family members regardless of the physical distance between you. Long-distance relationships and friendships are easier to keep on top of than ever before, with many people creating traditions out of these kinds of games. 

These are some of the best social games that you can play with your friends online. 


Firstly, Minecraft is highly popular among young people and older individuals who consider themselves to be more visual thinkers. Being able to immerse yourself in a virtual world of bricks can be highly entertaining because you can create practically anything you want! 

Some people have gone as far as to recreate iconic landmarks from around the world in Minecraft. Others enjoy building something with their friends online, and it could be a great way to spend quality time together if they live further away. 

It could be worth getting a high quality headset so that you can interact with each other while you are playing together. You could be surprised by how many possibilities there are when it comes to Minecraft, and it isn’t hard to find examples online of the things people have created online. 

Apex Legends

If you enjoy more energetic games which involve a little more combat, then Apex Legends could be ideal for you to play with your friends online. Similar to Minecraft, this game works across multiple platforms. This means that you do not have to worry about finding a particular game which is compatible with yours or your friends’ gaming console. 

The world that Apex Legends is based in is free-roaming, which means that you and your friends can easily head on adventures together and complete certain missions. For those who prefer first-person shooting, this game is the one for you. 

Exploding Kittens

Another game which you can play online with friends is Exploding Kittens. This is different from Apex Legends and Minecraft because it is a card-based game which has a Russian Roulette kind of structure to it. This is a great option if you do not have access to a gaming console but still want to play online with your friends. 

Exploding Kittens follows a relatively simple concept of drawing cards and catching players out one at a time, but it can be highly immersive once you get the hang of the different cards. A selection of fun symbols play different roles, and can impact the estimated duration of a game, as well as how it progresses. 


Similarly, Blackjack is a card-based game which can be played online with friends or alone if preferred. There are a range of platforms where you can play online blackjack real money, and it is worth comparing the pros and cons of each before pointing your friends in a particular direction. 

Blackjack may seem like a relatively simplistic and somewhat boring game, but there is something about the basic concept which makes the game so entertaining. Because everybody can easily take part even if they haven’t played before, it can be fun to show your friends how to play and see them get the hand of it quickly. 

There are multiple ways that you can play blackjack online with your friends. These include tuning into a live casino platform, setting up your own platform, or taking it in turns to play online. It is definitely worth comparing the different options available when it comes to playing Blackjack online. 


Another classic game which can be played online is Monopoly. The iconic board game can now be played online with groups of friends. This is an ideal choice for larger groups or even a virtual drinking night if your friends live further away from each other. 

You can choose to play a relaxed game of Monopoly, or bring out everyone’s competitive streaks and play more intensely. This can allow you to see a different side to your friends and see how they behave under certain pressures like the stress of handling money within the game. 


Finally, Uno is another card-based game which is often overlooked. Each player receives a series of cards with different symbols and colors on, which can impact their next move or the number of cards which their opponent has. 

While it was originally played using cards, Uno can now be played online with larger groups of friends. This is an ideal game for larger groups of people, children playing online, or people who want something fast-paced but less immersive than certain first person games. 


There is currently a huge selection of games that you can play online with friends, that it can be challenging to make a decision. Because of that, it is worth considering the type of game you would like to play, and which would encourage your friends to play together and interact with one another.