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Cu Chulainn is a Celtic demigod that was born to the god Lugh of the Long-Arm, a part of the Tuatha de Danann, and a human princess named Deichtine. Deichtine’s father is King Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster. Cu Chulainn’s birth name was Setanta but gained the name/title Cu Chulainn when he slew King Conchobar’s guard dogs and offered to take their place. Cu Chulainn proved to be a ferocious warrior. Unfortunately, his life was to be a short one. The only positive to that was it was said he would never be forgotten. Obviously, the prophecy wasn’t wrong.

Cu Chulainn was a warrior through and through. He had the power of riastrad, which is basically berserker mode. When enraged like this, Cu Chulainn would kill everyone, including his friends. It took a lot to calm him down once in such a state.

He was said to be a beautiful man and as such was a bit of a ladies’ man. Cu Chulainn married Emer, though unfortunately, they had no children. He did manage to have a son though, Connla. Connla’s mother was the Scottish warrior Aife. He also had a relationship with Fand who was married to Manannan mac Lir. Cu Chulainn and Emer were happy until Fand. The relationship ended when Fand went back to her husband. Manannan mac Lir cast a forgetfulness spell on all involved so they could go back to who they once were.

Being the champion Cu Chulainn was, he led Ulster’s army in the war against Medb, Queen of Connacht. It was a very long and drawn-out war. Over a bull. Yeah, I said the war was over a bull. It was only through the combined forces of Connacht that Cu Chulainn succumbed to death. He was incredibly hard to kill, especially when enraged.

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