To feel the boundaries of the workweek even during the quarantine, plan yourself a perfect weekend. One option is to watch your favorite TV series. 

Today we will tell you about the most interesting, exciting, yet underrated or forgotten TV series of all time. We wish you a pleasant viewing experience! And if you want to spend your leisure time playing, then playing Indian casino online will be a great solution.

True Detective, 2014

The series has three seasons, but the most stellar and, according to critics, the most talented is the first. The brilliant actors Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey play the unstable detectives with a brutal fate, investigating serial murders with sexual overtones. The series has a Southern Gothic style: the muted colors, the slow pace of the plot, and the Louisiana scenery create an atmosphere no worse than the standard techniques of Hollywood thrillers. Unfortunately, the second and third seasons could not repeat the success of the first part, although the creators invited bright Hollywood stars and tried to diversify the plot.

Chernobyl, 2019

The HBO mini-series was created with great love and respect for details, distinguishing it from many hastily made pamphlets on Soviet and Russian reality. The creators of “Chernobyl” traveled through Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus searching for attributes of that time: car license plates, children’s toys, clothes, everything had to be authentic. The television series recreates the events immediately after the Chernobyl accident, recounting the sacrifices to save us from the inevitable tragedy.

The Morning Show, 2019

The plot tells the story of various forms of rivalry:

  • Female competition;
  • Feminist confrontation;
  • The struggle of all kinds of minorities;
  • The battle between different-sex representatives for a step on the career ladder.

The reasons for the conflicts are standard: the pursuit of success, career advancement, and domination in one sphere or another. Media personalities and idols of millions are in the spotlight. Every day they walk the thorny paths, trying to make their way to the Olympus of show business. Mitch Kessler, the host of the famous and rated morning show, is the star of the network, but everything changes when an accusation of sexual harassment is brought against the man. Unwilling to get to the bottom of the sordid affair, company management fires the responsible employee, stripping him of his privileges, status, and salary. Shortly after that, the failed celebrity’s marriage also collapses.

Twin Peaks, 1990

A cult series that created an entire universe of fan clubs on the then-nascent Internet, filled with symbols, mysterious coincidences, and imbued with the philosophy of director David Lynch, this masterpiece rapidly unfolds from teenage melodrama into a brutal murder investigation and comes to a mystically colored uncovered finale. Unfortunately, the subsequent seasons can only be watched if you’ve fallen in love with the beautiful world of “Twin Peaks,” and you can’t help but wonder, “Who killed Laura Palmer after all?”

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: An American Crime Story, 2018

This series is part of the more extensive American Crime Story series. This particular season is the most interesting for style and fashion lovers, as it tells the story of the murder of the brilliant fashion designer of the 80s and 90s, Gianni Versace. The authors studied the biography of both the murderer and the victim in great detail, so the main characters’ actions are painted literally by the day. As a result, the series is straightforward to watch in the same breath and arouses sympathy for the murderer and the victim.

Big Little Lies, 2017

Two seasons have come out so far, but the first part was the most successful. The stellar cast – Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgard, and Zoe Kravitz – should have ensured success a priori. The series is based on a novel by an Australian writer. In an Australian coastal town where real estate is costly, there is a public but very prestigious school. Many wealthy people buy houses specifically in these places for their children to study there. The school is public, so students come from different social classes. A conflict arises during the school year: someone starts offending a girl from a wealthy family. On this basis, larger scandals break out between the children and later between the parents. The series, at a certain point, develops into a detective. The ending is very unexpected and worth watching “Big Little Lies.”

Why Women Kill, 2019

The plot of the series consists of three different timelines, alternating novellas taking viewers from the ’50s to the ’80s and on to modern times. All three storylines are united by the place of action, a house in an American suburb, and the problematic issue of family relationships. The narrative focuses on the difficulties that arise in any marriage, but it’s not all that simple, and viewers will be amazed at what’s happening on the screen more than once.

Sex Education, 2019

The main storyline is about teenage. However, the adults were also teenagers and went through the difficulties and challenges of a difficult age. Each coped with them in his way, but there is something in common: the insecurity and endless questions, which are not easy to give answers even to close people. The plot is also complemented by the presence of Gillian Anderson, who plays the role of the mother of the main character. Her character, just like the rest of the teenagers, has her own life, for the sake of which she solves many problems. The series evokes a positive emotional response, which is rarely characteristic of modern films and TV series.

Peaky Blinders, 2013

Here is the British series about organized crime formation in Birmingham and London. The leading national cast of these criminal gangs are assimilated gypsies. The plot is canonical, going back to the Godfather trilogy. Charismatic, very active, possessing leadership qualities, the main character forms a gang based on his brothers and close neighboring environment and begins to develop. Conflicts and competition accompany business development. In addition, in the first season, the protagonist falls in love with a camouflaged internal affairs officer who has been infiltrated into their gang to snitch to the police. The hero begins to suffer from narcissism in the third season, which makes him somewhat predictable.

Paper House, 2017

It is a crime drama written by writer and television producer Alex Pina. The plot tells the viewer about a group of criminals, specialists in different fields, under the control of the Professor, who decide to rob the Mint of Spain without casualties or bloodshed. The mysterious ringleader thinks out a perfect plan without misfiring and anticipates every move of the police officers, which later helps him and his gang in the robbery. But even the most ingenious plan can be ruined if feelings interfere.