Snow is falling all around us – or at least, many of us are getting into the festive spirit. Of course, this isn’t in our lives away from the screen either, as many games take it upon themselves to celebrate the holidays. The world of Final Fantasy is no different, except for the name.

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

What Exactly Is The Starlight Celebration?

The Starlight Celebration is a yearly event that takes place in both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. It always happens around Christmas, being the world’s rendition of the festive holiday. To celebrate, participating players in these events are given special items. These can range from limited-edition cosmetic items to food. In addition, each event brings a new item with it that players have to complete unique quests for. These quests are usually also festive-themed.

In Final Fantasy XI, this is just a yearly event. For Final Fantasy XIV players, however, there is a whole world of lore behind it. The story goes that, during the Dragonsong War, kindly knights would protect children and allow them into the barracks. However, this was a forbidden act, so the children were hidden in red robes where they would be comfortable. Then, when these children had grown older, they wished to pay tribute to the knights. So they dressed in red and gave gifts to children still in the cold.

The figurehead was a white-bearded man who came from one of the kindly knights themselves that helped these children. In their minds, the Saint of Nymeia was a mystical figure that helped deliver gifts – much like how children are told stories of Father Christmas or Santa.

How Long Has The Event Been Taking Place?

The event has been taking place for Final Fantasy XI players since 2004. It occurs in the same place each year, with differing prizes. In Final Fantasy XIV, it has been happening since 2010. Regarding both games, this means the event has been occurring for over ten years – and in one instance, almost 20!

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

Why Do They Take Place?

Final Fantasy isn’t the only MMO to host events celebrating the festive season. World of Warcraft is another one that celebrates through the Feast of Winter Veil. However, MMOs are all about the sense of community. So what better way to celebrate is there than a quest to do with your friends, gaining new items and coming together? While it could be argued that the rewards gained from these quests give nothing to the game apart from cosmetics, just like the real festive season, it’s about the experience and the company over the gifts themselves.

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