Duskaluda, Guardian raid boss tentative for May release.

After being released just two months ago, Lost Ark has taken America’s MMO community by storm, being the most watched MMO on twitch.tv. This comes as a surprise as it has big names to compete with like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV (14). There are many reasons behind this; Lost Ark is a fresh game, big streamers are playing it, and it is created by Amazon Games. However, there is one thing that Lost Ark is developers Smilegate and Amazon Games are doing that is unique and promising in the eyes of MMO players, month-to-month roadmaps.

This is something I have mentioned multiple times in previous articles, but the difference this time is that the Lost Ark April and May 2022 content roadmap has been published by developers. Before diving into it, what makes this exciting and unique compared to other MMOs? A major difference that I have been illuding to is this month-to-month aspect. Games like World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy 14, Black Desert Online and plenty of other MMOs have yearly content updates. They are generally big occasions within the game and out, the most notable example would be Blizzcon for World of Warcraft and Destiny 2 as well as Blizzard’s other non-MMO games. Everything players can expect for the entire year is told at these events with very little updates outsides of this one big event.

With Lost Ark’s short but to the point articles on what to expect every month, players can gain more of a sense of worth in playing the game. They have an understand that the work they put into the game now can be used within a few weeks instead of a few months like other MMOs make it. This peace of mind is what keep MMO players actively playing and watching Lost Ark.

Finally, the news the roadmaps have given Lost Ark definite content that will be released with the next two months as well as tentative content that might be released be could also be held until June. Moving on the content players can expect in April. A new class for the female martial artist will be released, the Glaivier. Along with release of this classes, players who have one or more Tier 3 characters already (ilvl 1100+) will receive the Feiton Powerpass for the Glaivier. This will allow players to begin playing this new class in Tier 2 at ilvl 960 given they have an empty character slot to create a character. Players that already have 6 characters created must either delete one of the characters or purchase character expansion slots on their server with USD to get more slots.

April also holds a new continent for Tier 3 players at ilvl 1340 or higher, South Vern. This will likely be couple more hours of story content with new places to explore. How much more than that was not shared by the developers.

For May, another new class, Destroyer, will be released for the Warrior advanced class. Again, players will need an open character slot to make this new class. It is not confirmed whether the Destroyer will have a powerpass along with its release. There is more though. Trial Guardian raids for high ilvl tier 3 players will be released in May as well. Trial Guardian raids are a new weekly event that has three phases to a boss, each getting progressively harder.

As for what is tentative for May, a regular Guardian Raid could be released, Deskaluda. Also potentially another weekly called ‘Legion Raid’ against the boss Valtan. Players can encounter this boss on normal and hard. Both of these pieces of tentative content will require ilvl 1415 or higher to be able even encounter.

There is a good amount of content to look forward to in just the next two months in Lost Ark, it is tough to say that about any other MMOs.