Another episode picks up right where the previous one left off. A soldier goes and tells the leader that two soldiers are down at the East exit. This lets him know that someone is inside fighting back. We see that our group has made it up to the third floor, with Maggie and Aaron going down one hallway with Lydia and Elijah heading down another one. While they are sweeping rooms someone gets Maggie at gunpoint, then Elijah comes behind this other person and has his weapon against her throat. Lydia comes next and has her at gunpoint, and she asks who are they? This brings out Negan who says it’s Maggie and diffuses the situation. Negan shows them a secret pathway hideout where a lot of the buildings inhabitants are along with Gabriel. Negan’s girl says she won’t leave until everyone is safe and then they will all go together to look for an escape. She wants Maggie to go with her to sweep the rooms.

Jason Butler Harner as Carlson – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Negan keeps an eye out on all the windows when he notices something that scares him deeply. He rushes downstairs and kills a soldier, he found a truck around the perimeter with a stowaway, which was Hershel. Negan tells Maggie on the walkie that he has Hershel, and nothing will happen to him unless it happens to Negan first. Maggie is obviously stunned, and even more stunned to know that Negan’s friend is really his wife, and that she knows all the things he did in the past. Hershel and Negan talk, Hershel says that his mom told him that a bad man killed his father. He concludes that it was Negan, which obviously it was, Negan calmly talks to him and says that he did, and he deserves to pay for that, but if Hershel shoots him, it will alert where they are to the bad men and all these innocent people will die. Hershel understands how that isn’t the answer and gives up his gun and walks to another room.

Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Maggie and the other girl hear that the plan is to kill anyone who doesn’t talk and if they can’t find the cargo in an hour they will burn the place down. She radio’s to Negan and the others and says she has a plan. The plan is for Aaron and Gabriel to go running and cause a ruckus to the roof, Elijah will hide behind the entry to the roof and have whoever dead to rights that comes up. The plan works perfectly as the Commonwealth leader follows the two to the roof, and then Elijah comes from behind and cuts him. He tries to talk his way out of it to Aaron and Gabriel but Aaron won’t have any of it and shoots him roughly 4 times, where he falls off the roof below a mere feet away from the other people he killed who are now walkers who go and chomp down on his face. At the end of this portion we learn that the guns weren’t stolen by the people of the apartment building, the cargo was stolen by Leah the former Reaper!

With the Commonwealth crew Daryl briefly talks with Carol before he has to get into work. They set up lunch at noon at the diner. Rosita and Daryl are put on perimeter duty today, but outside they are quickly pulled off to go outside the walls to help with a walker swarm. It wasn’t setup by their boss though, it was Sebastian who wants them to get into a house for cash. Sebastian, the Governor’s son has been cut off of his allowance so he has been trying to find creative ways to pay for his lifestyle. Sebastian has identified this house which has walkers swarming all around it as the bankers house who was a prepper. He has a safe room with weed, harder drugs, whisky and money. Since the bullets are tracked he can’t send his goons in, so he wants Rosita and Daryl to load up on walker guts and walk into the house and the safe.

The two make it inside quite easily, in the front room they see that there is a body with some fresh blood, after making some noise they hear something from inside the safe room. It’s someone named April, she says she was sent in before as she had debts to pay. They started with 12, three of them got inside, once the generator was operational the two men turned on each other, so she ran into the room and locked the door, but when the power went back out she couldn’t get out. Daryl went to turn on the generator, he does and has to kill some other walkers and then Rosita and him get inside. Daryl works on the safe and an alarm goes off, Rosita has to destroy it but walkers are getting into the house. Daryl is able to get the safe open and they load up some cash and block the door to get prepped. They get April loaded up with some walker guts but we hear gunshots going like crazy. It’s Carol and Mercer, when Daryl didn’t show up for lunch she went to find Mercer. He asks what is going on, are they just looting houses now? They tell him what Sebastian has been doing, and who this girl April is and how many people went in with her to try this. They don’t have enough bullets so they all get bloodied up, in the first room April gets rattled and dies.

We see them get back to Sebastian’s soldier minions. They tell Mercer they don’t answer to him, Mercer asks how many people have been put into this position already? One answers I don’t know, 30 or 40? With this Mercer shoots both men in the head. He tells Rosita and Daryl they have to pay Sebastian, because it’s a battle they can’t win, he won’t give up, and he will make their kids lives hell. He says he will carry the bag inside because they won’t search him and then inside he will give it back to them. Later we see Sebastian come into the police station to talk to them. He is super jazzed that they succeeded, he barely has a reaction to learn that the other soldiers are dead, but realizes that he gets to save some more money from that. He pays Daryl and Rosita and heads on his way. Carol goes to check in with Hornsby about what has happened today, and Hornsby seemed to know and in a way relieved that they succeeded.