If you want to see a review for something, where would you go on the web? The definite answer for most humans would be YouTube! Reviewers of all kinds of stuff are dwelling on this platform, and today, as gaming becomes one of the most popular types of leisure, this industry can’t be missed on YouTube. To begin a reviewing blog on this platform you need to develop a thoughtful strategy, which will also take the specifics of the industry into account. Some think that a better way to gain popularity is to buy YouTube views, 50, 100, or 500. 

But the fact is that simply purchasing stats for your account will not work. The ranking algorithms are way too smart now, and they will not react solely to stats that you bought. The system requires organic flow on your page, so even if you purchase yourself any boosts, you still need to think your tactic through. Here are some tips that will help you to create and run a great game reviewing channel!

Upload more videos and do it regularly

A tight schedule is a must if you want to become a known influencer on YouTube. If you won’t post new videos often enough, you will simply lose the grip on users’ attention, and it will be hard for you to retain the audience. Beginners should stick to at least one video in a week, and increase the quantity to 3 different types of videos in a week. 

The only excuse for rare updates on the channel would be marvelous content, which your audience won’t be able to find elsewhere. A high percent of originality and top-notch quality are factors that require more effort, so your viewers will appreciate it and let you take your time. 

Keep in touch with your viewers 

Good communication skills are vital for succeeding as a blogger on YouTube. Obviously, you are making your content for people to see and react to it, and they want to interact with you as a personality too. On YouTube, you can talk to your subscribers through comments. To increase the bond with your viewers: 

  • reply to the comments actively, 
  • throw in some topics to discuss with pinned comments
  • Use the live chat option in your streams
  • Address your viewers directly from your video, encouraging them to leave a reaction.

In the gaming industry, everybody has their personal experience and opinion, so you must avoid a judgy tone in your replies, and present your thoughts, not as the absolute truth. Entering this industry means you should be open to constructive dialogue and lots of diverse views on the subject of your video.

Dig deep for a better content

To create valid and objective videos, you have to examine the subject thoroughly. Well, first of all, you must complete the game, so you understand the plot and gameplay. Find out interesting facts about the company that released the title, and regard their previous releases as criteria for review. Compare different games of the same genre, and look up to the experience of other influencers in this niche. 

In other words – collect and use all the information you find relevant, to make your video more valuable for users, and interesting as well. 

Duly noted that your followers can also share useful insights and facts about the game you are reviewing. Another reason to pay a lot of attention to your socials. 

Explore the platform too

Comparing your content to the channels of the established bloggers in your industry is a way to discover how you should run your profile. Firstly, you will see if you are creating really original videos, or someone has done it before. Secondly, you can collect the experience of your older colleagues about successful and effective communication and channel organization. If you are specifying on reviewing, it is worth finding news channels that highlight gaming and cybersports. 

Don’t forget to visit and subscribe to the profiles of prominent gaming companies, like EA Games, Bethesda, Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, Sony, Xbox, etc. Gathering as much information as possible leaves you with a rather big range of ideas to recreate in your videos. 

Use End screens for promotion

The end screen on YouTube is an interactive graphic element that redirects users to another video, channel, or another website. This feature can be placed within the last 20 seconds of the current video, so you need to count that in as you write a scenario for your next film. You can add multiple frames, if you want, to highlight your previous review, or promote other kinds of content that you create. Some bloggers add an empty template with a channel logo and add two or three different frames as well. 

Provide high-quality content

Although people love social media for the feeling of real talk, they do not want to see badly composing videos, with flaws of speech or editing fails. So, as you work on your new review, make sure you have eliminated anything that distracts your audience from the original subject. However, it will serve you better to work on your speaking and behavior, so you could spend less time on editing. 

Of course, we all are real people, and nobody’s perfect. Sometimes you can make a funny misspelling, or make another mistake in the text – some of those you might want to keep in your video, for making a lighter and more friendly atmosphere. A good laugh never hurts in any industry. Gaming can get quite emotional, and reaction can be extremely funny – you cannot neglect such an entertaining element in your content. 

Make Engaging Thumbnails

One of the important factors that attract new audiences to your videos is thumbnails. These tiny pictures wield enormous power – this is what your potential subscribers will notice first as they search for such content. 

  • Don’t overload your thumbnail with details. Place the most important accents that describe the sense of your video best.
  • Add at least one relevant keyword in your thumbnail.
  • Make branded pictures that will make your content more recognizable among other bloggers from the niche. 


Gaming is a very fruitful industry to choose because nowadays this is a popular leisure type that unites and engages lots of people. By choosing this niche, you can attract an international audience and become a worldwide known personality. Basically, growing a game review channel isn’t too different from any other, but this category has a huge variety of interesting evergreen content to piggyback on – you can start your reviewing career with popular titles like The Witcher, Last Of Us, God Of War, and then continue your growth with exclusive and rare games (Sony PlayStation exclusives, indie games like Stray that will hit the market soon).