With the finale of Kindred Spirits having aired on the 19th, I found myself wondering a few things. Why am I disappointed the season ended? Why do I like this paranormal program more than the rest? What sets this show apart from other paranormal shows? With so many paranormal investigation shows out there now, it is easy to get lost in the options. All these shows are not created equal. There are a few things that make Kindred Spirits stand out. 

I have been watching paranormal shows for two decades. I have watched the world of ghosts investigation shows evolve and grow as the years have gone by. There are certain aspects of these shows that always show up, so when a program comes out that breaks that mold it is easy to pick it out from the sea of others. 

Kindred Spirits star Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, who met on Ghost Hunters. The duo formed a bond as they worked together and easily performed as a team. They broke away from the TAPS/GH team and started their own journeys. Then Kindred Spirits debuted in 2016 and they changed the game in the paranormal investigation series. 


Amy and Adam hug a client at the end of a case. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com via Discovery Plus. Season 1, 2018.

To begin with, Amy and Adam really go out of their way to bring the human element back into the hauntings. Their research brings names, faces, and stories to the spirits. Both investigators are determined to remind the victims of the haunting and the viewers that these were once people and that they are just trying to be heard. 

There are always stories and reasons behind the hauntings. No pushing the agenda that everything is demonic and evil. Not every haunting is because a demon is there; sometimes it is just a sad or confused soul who needs help or information. Amy and Adam make sure they do everything in their power to find out what that is and bring the humanity back to them. 


Amy and Adam discuss results of an experiment and how to best move forward. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com via Discovery Plus. Season 4, 2020

To go along with humanity, the amount of respect for both the living and nonliving people involved in each case that Amy and Adam’s show is unmatched. Even when the duo is dealing with mean energy and intense hauntings, they always make sure to not provoke or antagonize. There is always a level of respect and understanding to their approach. Gentle questioning and firmness always precede any more intense addressing to the spirit they are trying to contact. 

Almost every other show in the same genre I have seen the team arrives at a supposedly haunted location and assumes it has to be demonic or evil and enters provoking and yelling. Every little thing that happens is proof an evil presence is there. There is hardly any attempt to find out the person behind the veil.


Amy and Adam discuss their findings and how to help both living and non-living coexist. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com via Discovery Plus. Season 6, 2021.

There is always this pressure for paranormal investigation shows to produce evidence and show things on camera. Kindred Spirits focuses on results. Yes, they want evidence, but to be able to help their client. They don’t feel pressure to produce video or audio for the viewer. Amy and Adam focus on being able to make the living people they help feel more at ease or be able to co-exist with the non-living. 

Almost always they leave their case in a better place than when they arrived. And when immediate results can’t happen, they make sure they are left with tools and information to be able to continue to improve their situation. 


Chip talks to Amy and Adam for a remote viewing. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com via Discovery Plus. Season 5, 2021.

Of course, you cannot talk about what sets this team apart from others without talking about chemistry. Amy and Adam are friends in real life and their working relationship is smooth and cohesive that it stands out to me as one of the best out there. Both are on the same page in their beliefs and their stance on how to handle things. There is no need to have a skeptic to annoy the believer. There are two believers who have the same convictions and values. 

Of course we have to talk about Chip Coffey here as well. His work speaking with the spiritual side has never felt like a gimmick or an act. I have followed his work for years now and have always felt his approach to be respectful and genuine. His addition to Kindred Spirits added another aspect to the investigations. All of their contributions make for a combination of expertise and avenues of investigations that make for as good of an outcome for everyone involved.

As of now, a new season has not been announced, so this is my plea to Discovery to renew this series for another set of episodes. Personally, I would watch another season, or two, or ten. All six seasons of Kindred Spirits is available on Discovery+!