If you thought season 2 was crazy, hold on tight for season 3! 

 It’s only half the length of the previous seasons, and it feels like it goes even faster than that, because of how much happens in such a short time. So far, it’s been sort of a slow burn, with events happening, and affecting characters, but not falling into one another for the most part; an episode doesn’t start where the previous one ended. However, this does happen in season 3. Everything is starting to erupt and all the lava is coming to the top. This makes for a VERY exciting finale.

One of my favorite aspects of this season is that we learn much more about Akito than we did before. We finally get to know why she is the way she is, because, like every character in the show, there ARE reasons, however, messed up they may be. Along with her, we also, at last, learn why Kyo went into the mountains, and what he’s been holding in for so long. Thankfully, though Kyo has been stuck, at last, we see characters, some earlier than others, be able to accept their pasts, and make their own futures, despite their fear of the unknown. Outside of the main three, my favorite one of these is Momij Without completely spoiling what happens, I will just say that you will be crying by the end of episode  5. 

 In fact, as it is Fruits Basket, let alone the series finale, you will most likely be crying a lot. I suggest not just having tissues and a garbage can, but a friend by your side as well, because you’ll want to give them a hug afterward. I hope this is something you’ve already started doing, but if you haven’t already, and you know someone who’s either seen the show already (and won’t spoil it for you) and who wants to watch the finale season again, ask them to join you. It will make the experience, not just easier to deal with emotionally, but also more enjoyable, because EVERYTHING’S more enjoyable with at least one friend, or at least it makes it easier to process emotions. This is something the characters, especially Akito learn throughout the series, and, of course,  the finale as well. 

As the characters, mainly the members of the Zodiac, have been isolated, by both the Soma family and, in part, themselves, many of them thought they shouldn’t be around “regular” people, and/or that they didn’t deserve to be accepted by others because of their possession by their spirit. However, the events of the story, mainly the acceptance by Tohru, taught them that they DO deserve to be loved by others, no matter what Akito or other Somas may say. They learn that, although change is scary, they DO deserve to explore who THEY are, and not who others THINK they should be.  And, most importantly, they learn, that, even in their hardest moments, even when they feel they shouldn’t be allowed happiness, and shouldn’t have people around them who love them, even when they VERBALLY reject those they love, feeling they would be better off without them, there will always be someone there for them, whether closeby or far away,  who wants them to be happy, someone thinking to themselves, “Are they smiling today?” 

In these times, where we may not be able to be near the ones we love most, and where our health (of all sorts) is even more difficult than normal to care for, I think that’s one of the most important things to remember when finishing Fruits Basket. Whether you know it or not, there is ALWAYS someone who is hoping you are happy and cared for. They may not be able to be there for you in the way you’d like, or as often as you’d like, but they still care. There are many important lessons to gain from watching or reading Fruits Basket: everything changes, look towards the future, don’t judge people, learn from your mistakes, take accountability, among many others but I think, at least in these times, this is the most important lesson. You are wanted.