If you thought season 1 was a roller coaster, get ready for season 2!

Though Season 2 is the same length as the first, it, just like the previous season, if not more, feels much longer than its twenty-five episodes. While this is, in part due to the dialogue-heavy nature of Fruits Basket, it is also because A LOT happens in this season. New characters are introduced, questions are answered, and new ones are asked. In the case of the last two, many times they happen in the same episode. Lastly, of course, there is much character development to be had. 

As with most anime, the characters that get the most screentime are the main three, in this case being Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki, and their development is AMAZING! However aside from them, my favorite character development is from one of the new characters, whom I did not initially like at all; Hiro. I thought he was a little brat with no manners or respect for others. After finishing the season, and the series as a whole, I realize, I was right, but he was MEANT to come off this way. He is one of the youngest of the characters in the entire show and is still learning how to be, for lack of a better term, a functional human. As time goes on, he reflects on his own actions, similar to Kyo, and slowly learns how to think before he acts, therefore treating people better than before. However, he doesn’t do this without help. Many of the other characters, especially Kyo, call Hiro out on his behavior. He also WANTS to change, so tries his best to learn from his mistakes.

Change is a big theme in all of Fruits Basket. It becomes even more relevant in Season 2, with some characters resisting it with others learning to face it head-on. Others are dealing with it as it comes,  facing circumstances out of their control, but accepting them nonetheless. They hope that, eventually, things will turn out for the better. It’s these moments, in particular, that got to me the most emotionally, as I wish there could be something done to make life easier for them. Thankfully, just like many characters, Tohru gives them hope for the future. Others, though they had no control for most of their lives, start to stand up for themselves and move forward. However, to my surprise, though Tohru DOES help one of them, there are quite a few new characters outside of the Sohma family. These are characters that, without knowing, help this character face his fears. 

I think this is the biggest thing about Fruits Basket as a whole; though there may be moments that stick out in the show (there certainly are for me), it’s the story as a whole That sticks out. Seeing the characters’ behavior change in small ways, such as Kyo not bursting out in anger as much, or Yuki opening up to others. This is the biggest reason I tell people to rewatch the series. There are so many little things you’ll notice that you couldn’t have before. you’ll cry a lot more than the first time around, but you’ll also enjoy the roller coaster more, because, though you know what’s coming, you can appreciate the entire experience.

And the best part is, this is just the SECOND season. We still have one more to go! So hold on tight, grab a new trash can and a fresh box of tissues, and enjoy the show!