Black Widow Film 1 ScreenRant

Black Widow from Avengers. Photo courtesy of Screenrant.

Have you—like many others—been dying to see Black Widow finally take the spotlight for her own solo outing?  Well I have some good news for you!

Variety has confirmed that Marvel is going forward with a standalone ‘Black Widow’ film with Scarlett Johansson starring, with Jac Schaeffer penning the script.

Now Variety does make sure to note that the development is in extremely early stages, and that the film itself does not have the greenlight just yet. It seems though that Scarlett herself may have a good amount of say in the creative process for the film. On top of having talked to Kevin Feige about her potential solo outing on several occasions, Johansson is reportedly set to sit down with Jac Schaeffer very soon to discuss their vision.

Black Widow Film 2

Black Widow from her first appearance in Iron Man 2. Photo courtesy of

I happen to be in the minority when it comes to the topic of Black Widow getting her own standalone film.  When it comes to filling the future Marvel film roster, I think there are far better choices to go with. On top of the many sequels on their plate, there are plenty of new characters, groups, factions, and parts of the Marvel universe that I would rather see get one of those slots—especially after Disney’s acquisition of Fox.  It’s very similar to how I don’t think we need solo films for characters like Hawkeye or Nick Fury.

On the other hand, I would personally love to see this film launch on Disney’s streaming service, maybe even launching a new banner of smaller films that would start opening even more doors.

What are your thoughts on this news? Lukewarm like mine? Or over the moon? Make sure to let us know down below!