Source: Kynseed | Official Kickstarter Page

Kynseed is a pixel sandbox life sim RPG, created by developers that worked on the Fable series for Lionhead Studios. – of death and loss. This game embraces it fully, and makes it one of the key plot points of the game. Actions have consequences, time passes, and the world is always changing. Pixelcount Studios wanted a game that had players experience the good and bad that comes with life – and the loss that can come with it.

It all starts with a magical acorn that the player plants at the beginning of the game. The choices of the player then change how the branches grow of a tree. Raise a family, farm, explore the world and discover the magic of what surrounds you. When the player dies, the story can then continue in the shoes of their children. Continue the family legacy and watch how the foundations laid influence the world around them.

Source: Kynseed | Official Steam Page

Other Features Include:

  • Run a business, including a blacksmith, an apothecary, and many more.
  • Go adventuring, exploring new areas and fighting dark creatures.
  • Develop relationships with NPCs, that will also remember the legacy left behind.
  • Farm ingredients that will become valuable resources.
  • Find proverbs to discover more skills and magic in the faery tale world.
  • Gather materials in the world to craft medicines, remedies, or beers.
  • Buy strange artifacts that can help with chores, combat – or alter reality entirely.
  • The world isn’t always sunshine and roses – just like life.

Kynseed is currently in Early Access, though eventually will be fully released sometime soon. It will be available on PC at first, though Pixelcount Studios also hopes to eventually release the game onto other platforms after the initial release. The official website for Kynseed can be found here. Feel free to check out the trailer below: