Music is inseparable from movies and could arguably make or break a good storyline. It sparks feelings and emotions that draw the moviegoers into the actors portraying the characters and are easily swayed using sounds.   

Synthesized music made on computers does not necessarily give the same feel to the movie, and for this reason, many soundtracks are recorded by symphonic orchestras. A favorite among movie films would be the sharp, clear sounds from a violin.   

Violinists put so much emotion into the way they play their instruments, and these instruments are often treated like children. A violinist knows that his instrument is an extension of themselves that they contribute to the music, just like a child would be an extension of a parent.  

Because of the art of these performances, classical violin music is a favorite of the most popular movies. Here are some great examples:   

  1. Avatar   

This sci-fi movie proves that violin music can take us to a wonderfully imaginative world where people can temporarily escape reality.   

Beautifully composed by James Horner, the entire soundtrack of the movie Avatar, save for the title song, features the sound of violins from an orchestra that awakens the senses in each of its scenes.   

The violins give the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful backdrop and colorful scenery created in the movie. To see stunningly crafted instruments as breathtaking as the movie, visit this site for a virtual tour.   

  1. Star Trek  

Who doesn’t remember the iconic line: ‘Beam me up, Scotty’? Taking the viewers through the universe in the early years it was released, it seemed like it was impossible to do in real life.  

The appeal of the impossible made possible was aided by upbeat, catchy tunes created by orchestras of violins. Zooming through space would not be the same without some dramatic interceptions from the bad guys, and the music also had a hand in those scenes.  

  1. Harry Potter   

In more ways than one, Harry Potter movies made the headlines and stole the hearts of many. The fictional characters of the movie series are stunning in their robes and grand castle school.   

Feelings of grandness and the school’s superiority were created by the precise acting of each character and the excellently composed soundtrack. The violins in the music pieces added more magic to the movie than anticipated.   

  1. Jurassic Park   

Taking us to another fictional place is a movie made with real-life origins. Scientists and archeologists have studied dinosaurs for years, so naturally, films about them were produced.   

Everything about the Jurassic Park movie franchise has soared to international heights, including the music in the movie. Using an orchestra of violins, the enthralling music matched the strength of the dinosaurs and, at times, the island’s breathtaking scenery depicted in the movie.   

The music took the viewers on a ride back in time to make them feel part of the mysterious island and its enormous inhabitants. 

  1. Avengers   

Standing tall, feeling proud, and being part of the team fighting the bad guys is what the music in the Avengers movie makes a person feel when they hear the theme song.   

In short, listening to the violin piping up throughout the music ensembles makes you feel like a superhero – just exactly what the composer Alan Silvestri has envisioned for this compelling piece of music.   

The song’s start builds up from the violins that add suspense, making the viewers anticipate the action.   

  1. IT   

Another emotion triggered by a well-composed piece of music is fear in the hearts of all who dare to listen.   

One such example includes the spine-chilling tunes from the movie IT. The main character alone would strike fear into onlookers, but having the precise and crisp-clean notes from the violins make the movie all the more foreboding.   

  1. Schindler’s List   

By watching the movie, despair and heartache can be felt stretching across the entire story. This real-life representation could not be complete without the stunning violins accompanying the brilliant visuals.   

It is probably the most iconic movie to feature violins, and it is completed by the superb music composition and the beautiful, lamenting melodies from the violins. The violins amplify the sad scenes to make the viewers connect to the movie on a much deeper level.  

It was a true masterpiece created by a rich storyline, portrayed by skilled actors, and the emotions enhanced by violins.  

To Conclude  

Whether you are a classical music enthusiast or just a regular moviegoer, everyone appreciates the fitting sounds in these movies.  

Escaping from the daily grind has never been so easy. Put on your favorite track, listen and relax. The music will transport you to where you want to be without leaving your seat. Go to that proverbial happy place with the best violin music can offer and appreciate the talents, heart, and soul put into these masterpieces.