We adore giving love to indie creators on this side of TGON, especially those that allow us to give in to our farming sim adventures. Not too long ago, we talked about A Garden Witch’s Life, and today I am happy to share a new title with you created by solo developer Vasileios Karagiannakis. This upcoming 2D farming RPG is called Pixelshire.

Source: Pixelshire’s Presskit

The Story

Pixelshire is all about community, friendships, and farming! Players will need to help build up their town from their neighbor’s homes to local businesses. Whether you’re into strictly platonic friendships or a sweet romance, there are ways for you to get involved in the lives of those around you. Your allies will be critical in skill improvements and tool upgrades. They can even aid you on your farm, helping with various tasks based on their own skills.

Back on the farm, players can grow crops, raise livestock, or create the winery of their dreams. Brewing, cooking, and crafting are just a few of the skills virtual farmers will need to thrive. There are even options for decorating your farm and home. However, Pixelshire is not just about farming. Players can also fish, mine, and adventure!

The world is your oyster, and many areas need exploring, such as enchanted forests, harsh mountains, and a dense jungle. While fighting and galivanting across the lands, players will find lost islands and mines. These are procedurally generated, so things will look slightly different anytime you walk in. When it is time to return home with the treasure, rare items can be sold, collected, or used for crafting.


We all know I am a sucker for fun colorful graphics, and the ability to raise cute animals. Pixelshire feels like a new take on a classic genre. I would not be inheriting a farm from my grandpa; I would be building up my community. My friends can help out on the farm? That sounds amazing and more realistic than most storylines in the genre. I am also keen on the lost island and enchanted woods. These seem like fun fantasy additions that I could get behind. Overall, when Pixelshire is available on Steam, I will wishlist it ASAP.

Odds and Ends

Pixelshire is currently in development with no set release date. It will initially be available on Windows with hopes of bringing it to Linux and consoles in the future. So, in the end, if you would like to stay up to date with this title, be sure to check out their Twitter, Discord, Instagram, or Facebook.