Video game modding alters a video game’s original structure and looks for a more exciting gaming experience. For instance, JustSpin Casino video gaming fans can update graphics, fix bugs, or create new and thrilling content for players. Some video gaming studios provide custom mod tools for their video games to give every player a chance to try game modding.

Mods range from simple modifications like changing the color to creating an entirely new game. Video game modding arguably determines the success of various video games. Mods add some depth and taste to the original elements of a game. Thanks to mods, gamers can get hooked to a particular video game for an extended period without losing interest.

Types of mods

  • Total conversion

Total conversion mods change all the artistic assets in a video game or the core aspects of gameplay to an extent the original game is unrecognizable. Modder’s turn total conversions into standalone games by replacing all the original assets and avoiding copyright infringement when making commercial sales. Some total conversion mods are eligible for sale while still using the original game IP. 

  • Overhaul 

Overhaul mods improve the structure of the original game by changing its gameplay and graphics. The changes are, however, not too complex and don’t offer an entirely different experience. Overhaul mods may also include adding music and dialogue.

  • Randomizer 

Randomizer user mod doesn’t change the gameplay but typically modifies the video game elements, which can be more challenging. These mods were created by the speedrunning players who exhausted the racing challenge and wanted more of the game. 

  • Add – on

An add-on is a small mod that adds content to the original game without modifying its structure entirely—for instance, adding a vehicle, weapon, or map in racing, shooting, or strategy games, respectively. 

  • Unofficial patch 

An unofficial patch is a mod that fixes bugs in a video game that aren’t addressed in the official patch created by the game developer. Gaming fans generally create these mods when the developer is unable or unwilling to develop the functionality. 

  • Graphic art 

Graphic art mods change the graphics quality of the original game by changing its color balance, game appearance and adding high-definition textures. 

  • Mod packs 

Mod packs are different mods available as a single package for download. They are meant to make life easier for players who would want to improve their gaming experience. Mod packs can make the original game challenging or more straightforward. 

How can I start modding?

Modding is not as complicated as it may sound. Begin by choosing a simple game and improving your skills. Although coding is a necessary modding skill, you’re good to go if you are good at graphics, map design, and sound. With this modding skill, you only need the relevant game and the appropriate software to get started.

There are numerous communities of creators that you can join and learn from. You can also access online forums and tutorials that can guide you through modding for different games. 

The specific skills that modders need vary depending on their interests. However, the most common skills include Sound Design, 3D Art, 2D Art, Programming, Testing, Production, and Level or Game Design. 

Once you create a mod, ensure that you share it with other gamers. Receiving feedback on your product is rewarding and will also encourage you to do more. Game developers often provide modding tools to help you create and post your mods online. 

Why should I mod?

Modding is a great way to build new skills, be creative, and introduce a unique gaming experience that other gamers can enjoy. Think of it as a hobby where you test ideas and make your imaginations a reality for fun and benefit the gaming communities. Not yet convinced? Check out why you should start modding;

  • Build your skills 

Your skills will improve as you create mods since modders use similar or exact tools used by game developers. Additionally, you can get feedback on your inventions from users when you upload the mods online. Use the information you gather to learn what gamers love as you further upgrade your skills. 

  • You can land a gaming job.

While modding doesn’t guarantee a job, it is an added advantage when applying for a game development job. You can use your mods to show your potential employer your development skills and interest in the gaming field. 

Who knows, if your modding skills are top-notch, you might end up creating your own game and create more job opportunities for other modders. 

The legal status of mods 

Copyright law regarding mod and video games is still evolving and an unsettled legal matter. The main issue revolves around understanding the rightful copyright owner of the mod package between the game developer, the modder, or the end-user that compiled the mods. Some states have set laws prohibiting modding because modders go against the rights of the copyright owner.  For now, mods generally take the form of open-source software.