We have a flashback start with Al, she is getting interviewed by someone, which if you piece together the clues, is Isabella. It is obvious that Al is not used to being on that side of the camera. Present day we see Morgan looking for Al, he finds the truck but can’t locate Al. So he finds a camera and starts to record a message because he knows she will watch it. Morgan says he heard that she got separated from the others on the way back but he starts to think that she didn’t come back on purpose. Al was off on a lead, and heard a transmission from the CRM talking about reclamation, she knows what that means, which is essentially a clear mission so she heads back to the truck.

The soldiers are already close to sweeping the area so she hides under the truck, after the soldiers move on she looks around and sees her camera and tapes are missing and starts to freak out a bit. Morgan comes down from the top of the truck and holds a knife to Al’s throat, once they figure out who each other are they chat briefly. Al says that the others shouldn’t have told Morgan the information they did about the helicopter and that if they stay here they will die. So Morgan says it’s time to move on and also find Grace who is also looking for Al.

Al and Morgan start making their way to the rendezvous point that Morgan and Grace set up, which is about 2 miles away from their current location. Al wanted to wait until night to make the trip but Morgan insisted he was going now. Next scene they were under a road, with a lot of abandoned cars and they say that the meeting spot is at the end of this run of cars. While leisurely walking some stray bullets whiz past them from the soldiers. The two zig zag through the car maze towards the exit. The pair talk while in hiding and Al says the reclamation team is apart of a society and their mission is to eliminate any trace they were ever there, and right now that means them, even though they are not the reason the are here right now.

Grace gets to the meeting point even though Al wasn’t sure that she would, Al insists to lead the soldiers away so Grace and Morgan can get away but Morgan says he is not leaving without her, so she relents and gets to the car. Soldiers hit the car with some bullets and maybe the fuel tank so they have to hide the car. The trio catch up a bit about Grace’s baby, and how now they are de facto parents of another baby. Grace and Morgan insist to help, so Al comes up with a plan that the MRAP has enough firepower to take them out, and they can get fuel and ammo from the helicopter if she leads them away. So the groups head on their missions, but the helicopter did have gas but no ammunition. Morgan radio’s to Al, and she says she knows, it’s a light helicopter they don’t have ammo, and they have a kid now and they should go back to her. She says she can take it from here, she knows she might die but she wants to take the soldiers with her and refuses to tell them where she is.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Maggie Grace as Althea, Karen David as Grace – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Al believes the soldiers have her camera and wants it back, but Grace in the truck now knows that it was in Morgan’s pack all along. She looks at the tape for clues, but doesn’t find anything useful. Al wants to bring the soldiers to a location with a cannon to blow them up, she tests it on a walker at first. The soldiers want to cancel the meetup plans after capturing Morgan and Grace, Al wants to have them let go but the soldiers refuse. The soldiers tell Al they will kill the male, they fire two warning shots and are about to hit the three count when Al tells them she knows where “she” is. She is, “Ground 17”, that they are looking for. The soldiers say they require confirmation, so Al says she will show them where she is at, she is at a cabin of her former copilot. After the information the soldiers decide they will kill Morgan and Grace anyway, but the pair are able to wrestle a gun away from a soldier. Morgan holds the second soldier at gunpoint to let Grace go. He also fires off two warning shots, and before the third the soldier lets Grace up. Grace runs to the truck while Morgan wrestles with one of the soldiers, Grace tries to run over the soldier and Morgan uses that to get into the truck. Al tells Grace where to lead the soldiers, which is where Al is.

The soldiers catch up to the truck and end up flying past it in the helicopter to go land and to get to the meeting spot before them. The soldiers do arrive a few seconds before Morgan and Grace, the soldiers shoot some walkers. But Grace pulls up in the truck, Al hops inside and tells Grace that when she says, she needs to just drive. A walker messes up the cannon plans a bit, so Morgan has to go fix it while Al stalls. Al comes out with a tape, the soldiers want the tape, while Al wants the others to be let go, the soldiers refuse so Morgan yells to Grace to “Go Now”. Grace moves the truck, Morgan unleashes the cannon, splat goes the two soldiers.

On the trip back, Al tells Morgan this doesn’t change anything, she is still going. Morgan says that he saved her life so she owes him an interview. Morgan said if she is really leaving he wants something to remember her by. Al tells Morgan that she knows where the pilot is, but she isn’t going to her because she couldn’t give up searching for stories so she refused to go with her. Morgan asked enough tough questions that Al had to stop the interview. She heads off after Grace tells her, whoever you think you are letting down wouldn’t want you to miss out because of it.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Al went back to the site they blew up the soldiers to look for clues. Morgan meets up with her shortly after, Al tells him she made up her mind, and Morgan says you and John tried one more time after I said no and I am doing the same thing here. One of the transmitters starts going off so Al goes back to the helicopter to get some clearer information. The reclamation team is being pulled back to a new target, and Al replies back acting as the team. Ground control says that they have the coordinates of the helicopter and Al says to herself, they will find her no matter where she goes. She replies to ground control that they are in route. Before she goes, Morgan tells her that she is apart of the story, she isn’t not apart of things like a piece of machinery like that camera. She is apart of the story, he is glad he was able to be apart of her story and glad that she was able to be apart of his. She says me too, and Morgan tells her to go.

Al makes it to Isabella’s cabin, the chimney is putting out smoke so she knows someone is alive. She goes inside, the TV was on, and she plays the tape that was in the VCR. It is of an interview with Al, Isabella comes in and has her at gunpoint. Al tells Isabella that they know where her helicopter is and are probably a couple days behind her, and she wants to go with Isabella. She confirms that they will never stop being chased and will have to continue to move around, and that Al needs to give up chasing a story. To prove it Al breaks her camera right in front of Isabella, she said it was never the camera, it was just that she was scared. But what was scary was not coming here, not trying. Hopefully you are happy with the progress of this storyline, because this is the last we see Al this season.