I always get excited when a new game crosses my Reddit feed. I get even more excited when a game I’ve seen previously is doing well. Kynseed is a game I remember seeing on Itch.io many moons ago. Running around in this pixelated town gave me joy, and I am happy to announce that Kynseed is currently in early access on Steam.

Source: Kynseed Website

The Story

Kynseed is a sandbox RPG adventure life sim leaving players with many ways to play. The PC was given the Kynseed, a magical acorn whose growth depends on the player’s choices. One can take to family life and farming. Once the player’s character passes from this life, their children take over to continue the family legacy. What sets this game apart from other titles in this genre is the depth of the characters. Everyone grows older, has fears, and desires including animals and monsters. Players can make friends with NPCs who remember players’ choices and even pranks.

Aside from farming, players can also run a business, ranging from blacksmithing to general goods. However, if adventuring is more your speed, dangerous regions need exploring, and creatures also need vanquishing! Mystery lurks in dark corners, and players can unlock secrets about the dark fairy tale world. There is also loot to be had via artifacts purchased from Mr. Fairweather. But do be warned, some of these trinkets do come with a heavy price. Overall, there is plenty for players to do in Kynseed.


One of the reasons I adored Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life was its aging mechanics. I loved the idea that people’s lives moved on with time and that my child grew up. I think the idea of having one’s child take the reigns after a PC death is a spectacular addition to this game. It is all about family legacies, and that is beautiful. Plus, I have always wanted a game in which I could own an apothecary. In the end, Kynseed is a game that I am excited about, and I think you should be too.

Odds and Ends

Kynseed is currently available on Steam for early access. However, from what I have gathered, there is no hard and fast release date set. The roadmap was updated in June 2021, and it seems there is still a lot more content being added. Overall, I am excited to see what PixelCount Studios has in store for Kynseed.