The quality noticeably improves in this week’s episode of JoJo in comparison to last week’s. The animation quality, while still not the peak even of what we have seen this season, is no longer noticeably bad. There are also no more terrible typos within the subtitles.

In terms of simple enjoyment episode 23 is markable better than 22 as well. The previous episode was transitioning away from the high octane encounter with the Boss and moving into the elite guard fights while this episode gets into the meat of the fight against Clash and Talking Head.


Image via Crunchyroll

While not one of the highlights of the story by any means, the Clash and Talking Head fight is an enjoyable breath of fresh air. First, because it does not involve Giorno doing much and gives other’s of the cast time to shine. Here Narancia is given the spotlight after having been almost entirely sidelined since his fight against Formaggio. Aerosmith is also a great stand and here Narancia is given the ability to expand and explore more functionality with his stand. A highlight being Narancia is unable to shoot his plane’s bullets, so instead he just rams it straight into his opponent. Even more satisfying is when he uses this ramming to finish off Squalo.


Image via Crunchyroll

Secondly because Tiziano is remarkable genre savvy. While Tiziano’s talking head is by far the weakest stand thus far encounter in Part 5 it is great to see him fight against in genre stereotypes. He wants to finish Giorno off immediately, he calms and calls every one of Narancia’s bluffs and he even recognizes how to get enough liquid on and near Narancia at the end, sacrificing himself to be hit by Narancia’s bullets so his blood can be used by Clash in a last attempt to finish Narancia off.

The ending song continues to grown on me, it is by this point probably second only to Roundabout for JoJo endings.