We are hitting the last half of the final season now, we start with a flashback. All of the doctors, Will and soldiers are in the forest, I am not entirely sure what they are doing but some walkers approach. One of the walkers has a geo tracker that the soldiers capture, for some reason the geo tracker has malfunctioned. Back to the current timeline, everyone is looking through the information that Huck gave them. Dr. Bennett theorizes that it is field data from a chemical event. The conclusion is that the chemical was used back home and they lured empties to cover it up. The time to escape is in about 10 minutes and after talking it through Hope wants to stay to find answers and to stop them.

Natalie Gold as Lyla – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

With the new information, they get Huck to get some answers. She tells them that General Biel would be the only one who could authorize that but her mom would have seen it. She continues that the Military has kept things quiet to the other colonies, and to their own side about some things as well. For instance, there is something they refer to as the hidden city. Some things Huck doesn’t want to answer and mentally checks out, Dr. Bennett insists on keeping the files so he can try to decipher them some more.

Shortly after this Jadis runs into Huck, during this conversation we learn that Huck trained Jadis, Jadis has moved up the ranks pretty quickly. She is in charge of looking for corruption and seems to be a higher rank than Huck now. Elsewhere Percy and Iris seem to be making some sort of plan, which we quickly learn is how to get a message out to Elton. Since the group decided to stay and not leave during the planned escape time Iris volunteered to make a note, which will be hidden in a CRM truck that will be a part of the supply drop. Back at the village, the message gets to Elton, who takes some time to decode it that essentially states that they are staying and will be starting a war.

Nicolas Cantu as Elton – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Dr. Bellshaw goes and sees Dr. Bennett and has a bunch of clothes for Felix and Iris. After setting the bag on the counter it drops, Dr. Bennett goes to help pick up the clothes and has a flashback to the time we saw earlier. He realizes that the papers in her bag had the same V logo as the papers that Huck gave to him to review. Now that he knows that she is involved, he asks Felix, with the help of Huck, to break into her office to try to find some information while she comes to dinner. Huck does agree to help, reluctantly, she is able to look through her logins to see she keeps going to a certain area every day that seems out of the norm. Quickly at the village, Will and Elton are almost voted out but the vote was overruled and they were allowed to stay. Will said he doesn’t plan to stay he plans to get back inside.

During the dinner, Dr. Bellshaw tells the girls she used to work for a big pharmaceutical company before the world went down and she had to test on animals as the industry standard. Iris goes off on her about the standard until she is excused with Hope to go cool off and look for Felix. During this conversation outside Iris tells Hope what she really put on the note to Elton. Hope is extremely upset about that. Inside, Dr. Bellshaw tells Dr. Bennett that she hasn’t been honest about what she does around here and wants to show him. She tells him how her daughter got bit by a man in the backyard, which obviously knows wasn’t a man. Her husband stayed and slept with their daughter that night and obviously she bit him. She did what she could do restrain and subdue them so she could run tests on them to see if she could bring them back.

The door that Huck and Felix need to get into is locked, so Huck says that she will run to the generator and cut the power, he will have 2 minutes before the backups kick in and he will be locked inside. The place is filled with frozen walkers, vials of samples, and many big canisters of the chemicals that took out Omaha and the Campus Colony. The backup generator kicked in way too early as he was locked in after ninety seconds! Huck evades the soldiers, gets back to let Felix out! Huck tells him she is with them as much as she can be in the situation and they both leave.

Jadis calls Huck to ask her a slew of questions. Hucks mother wanted her to look into what she is up to. At the outskirts, Will and one of the townspeople head out to where walkers build-up that scientists gather for research purposes, it is typically not patrolled much by soldiers. Will is about to be handed the gun from the town person when he is shot in the head from a distance by some soldiers. Will is stunned, grabs the gun and takes off running as he is shot at multiple times by the soldiers.