“I can’t f&%$ing wait”. June’s last words before testifying against the newly teamed-up Waerfords. They have decided to work together to face their accuser June. Serena is scared of losing her child and will use Fred to get what she wants. June also knows this. But she has bigger fish to fry with her husband Luke and the truth about what really happened to Hannah. She does share with Luke that Nick knows where Hannah is and they vow to find her together.

Luke shows June all the things that he was working to find and bring them both to Canada but he was met with a lot of obstacles. But now that June is involved they may have some leverage to work with. Left with no other clues June contacts Commander Lawrence for some assistance. During the call, she learns that Janine is back in Gilead with Aunt Lydia. Visibly upset by this, Commander Lawrence dangles a carrot in front of her. A huge carrot, Hannah. In exchange for 10 of the 86 kids that she managed to smuggle out of Gilead. As much as he may want to help her, we all know he can’t because he was part of the escape plan. And he just got back his power.

Lydia has a new charge. Esther. Esther was the wife of a commander. The house that the handmaids hid out in when they were on the run. This is her punishment for hiding the handmaids. Janine knows best the consequences of not obeying the rules. Aunt Lydia also promised Janine that she would not have to be a handmaid. However, Aunt Lydia is being coerced into sending her to a new family. It is clear that is the last thing she wants and I wonder is Lydia tired of being an aunt. Janine tries to make herself useful and take Esther under her wing to save her the pain.

Serena Joy is having her baby shower. But she is not happy about it. She is locked up, let’s not forget. Do not let her surroundings fool you. She does not want to go back to the life of a Gilead wife. But how else will she gain her freedom? Well right now, her plan is to use Fred to gain freedom for her and her child.

The reason June stayed in Gilead was because of Hannah. And now June is charged with contacting Nick to try and see if he could help them find Hannah. She agrees but there is some fear there, maybe some anticipation, and Luke tells her to meet him in person and take Nichole. this clearly is not easy for him to say and it is very emotional. I think Luke knows that he has lost June and June overheard it. It’s not her fault and it is not his. But 7 years of trauma is not going to go away overnight and June can never go back to the person she was. Everyone is realizing it but it is not being accepted quite yet.

Gilead comes to Canada. To visit the Waterfords of course. But the visit is not exactly what was expected. And Serena learns that Gilead expects to be rewarded with her child. And she is told that she and that baby belong to Gilead. Fred also hears some hard truths. Gilead is not going to save them from their fates. Gilead has been silent for a reason. They do not intend to assist in any way, Gilead does not negotiate with terrorists. They’ll send their thoughts and prayers though.

Janine tricks Esther into eating. Esther is under the impression that she stole food for her. They being to talk about Chicago as Janine coaxes her to eat. She also explains to her what will happen if she doesn’t follow the rules and they have to fend for themselves because June is gone. Esther knows the food wasn’t stolen and Janine didn’t sneak in. She tells Janine that she doesn’t care what they do to her, she won’t follow the rules. But we all know how that ends. Esther knows that Janine is right. Aunt Lydia’s plan works and Esther complies. There might be a partnership there. Esther is a fireball.

June is off to see Nick. And I don’t know about yall but she seems alive with anticipation of seeing Nick again. June is in love with Nick and they have a child together. There is a genuine smile on June’s face. She’s happy to see him again. She puts Nichole in her stroller and walks up to the house. He calls her name and it’s like she heard the most beautiful note in the world. They chat a bit and then they get down to the business of Hannah. June finds out Hannah is in Colorado, but getting her out is impossible because she is a high-profile child. June is touched that Nick is helping her and got information on Hannah for her. They kiss and they just sit together knowing that reality awaits them. They spend a little more time together and June leaves. Nick then puts his wedding band back on.

June is instantly brought back down to earth when she hears about Fred’s deal with the DA. He has decided to flip on Gilead and his information is more important than the crimes against June. That face is back. That face she wears in Gilead. Then she proceeds to lose it on the cop.