Twitch evolved into the top live streaming platform in the world, thanks to its diversity. Users can watch numerous games on different channels. Online slots are some of the most popular games on Twitch as casino streaming becomes a bigger market than ever. Gamblers, wannabe gamblers and gambling enthusiasts flock to slot streaming channels to watch their favourite broadcasters. All these viewers have different preferences when it comes to the games they want to see. For this reason, content creators have to be careful about the games they choose.

The right casino games can have audiences gathering on your Twitch channel in droves. However, if the titles you are wagering on are not interesting enough, then you will be struggling to attract, let alone maintain, viewership. Admittedly, a few other elements, like your character, determine how successful your gambling streams get. Despite how charming your persona is or how much you interact with the audience, it will be hard to compensate for boring gaming options. If you look at the best Twitch casino streamers, you might notice some similarities in the types of products they select for their broadcasts. Identifying some common characteristics will help new streamers find the most suitable titles to play during live broadcasts.

Look for Attention-Grabbing Titles

Slot streamers who are still getting their footing should stick to the safest choices. Online gambling offers thousands of gaming alternatives. So, settling on a few titles can be daunting even for experienced broadcasters. Limiting your selections to the most played games reduces the risk of picking the wrong one. You already know that these games attract viewers, meaning that you don’t have to go through the trial-and-error stage. Therefore, search for the titles that everyone raves about. Use resources such as Twitch metrics to find the trending games among casino streamers. Of course, virtual machines fill the top spots, but you could encounter a few other surprises.

The drawback of playing the most popular titles is that they are the most popular. It means that a majority of the content creators already play them regularly. Hence, audiences know where to go if they want to see their favourites. If you decide to gamble on the trending games, be prepared to deal with stiff competition. For example, if you choose Book of Dead, you have to contend with streams from the likes of Roshtein, who is one of the leading casino streamers on Twitch. Thus, you might need to put more effort into other areas of your brand to achieve your objectives.

Find Feature Rich Titles

Whether you prefer online slots or table games, look for products with a variety of features. Virtual machines come with bonus rounds, free spins and multiplying wilds that can boost a player’s winning chances. More than that, though, they make games interesting. When you receive an extra round or bet in your favourite title, it means that you get to spend more time gambling than originally intended. People love twists and turns when watching gambling streams because they make the experience thrilling. So, make certain you get as many features as possible. However, pay attention that a game doesn’t come with too many elements that make it hard to concentrate on what matters – trying to win.

Choose Visually Appealing Options

As a broadcaster, you must know how crucial visuals are in your content. People are not on your Twitch channel only to see you gamble; they want excitement as well. One way to offer that is by ensuring that your content is visually attractive. Besides your channel’s branding, ensure that the games are also captivating. Fortunately, developers have become wildly creative. Modern online casino games have some of the best visuals. 

Providers incorporate the latest graphics to deliver memorable gambling experiences. 3D slots can be particularly captivating with animations, sounds and themes that make every round feel special. When searching for the most appropriate titles for your streaming, look for products with state-of-the-art effects that are bound to draw in audiences. You can play free games and read reviews to know what to expect from a certain title.

Consider Branded Slots

If you are streaming virtual machines, then branded options might be a good idea. These games incorporate popular themes from video games, TV and films. The appeal of branded slot machines is that they tell familiar stories. Therefore, they can attract users impartial to recognised narratives. For instance, if you want to cater to the DC Extended Universe crowd, then your game selections can include Batman, Justice League and Wonder Woman. 

Branded slots allow streamers to capitalise on nostalgia. You can quickly get viewers to pay attention when you let them relieve cherished memories, such as the first time they saw Jurassic Park. Additionally, you can integrate your hobby and gambling by playing branded games. For instance, if you love Street Fighter, then you can centre your streams around the franchise.

Go for The Best Odds

Viewers want to see streamers winning. For that reason, you need to choose titles that afford you the highest winning probabilities. If you are gambling on slots, make sure to check the RTP. The return-to-player ratio indicates the theoretical amount that a casino would pay overtime. So, the higher the RTP, the better. For other games, look at the house edge. Stick to titles with a house advantage of less than 5%. Remember to confirm a game’s variance, which determines how often it pays out. You should also consider games with jackpots because you have the chance to cash in on a huge prize.

A good casino streamer should know how to select exciting games that not only offer great odds but fascinate the audience, as well. With the number of broadcasters increasing by the day, new streamers should focus on the games that allow them to stand out.