This episode we are with Morgan, Grace and baby Mo inside the submarine. The baby is very hungry and can’t sleep. It looks like it’s Grace’s turn to go out and look for supplies. She makes her way to some sort of store, she is rummaging for food and hears other people inside so she attempts to hide but makes a lot of noise. The others come out and see a rat and assume that is what is making all the noise and one of them shoots the rat and leaves without noticing Grace.

She tests the baby food but it’s something that is not usable, she runs out screaming I’m right here! You can take everything from me! I don’t want to be here anymore! She has completely lost her mind. Grace had to head back to the submarine. Sometime later back in the sub Morgan and Grace are talking. We learn that from Grace’s research she thinks people can be outside for a maximum for six hours, Grace wants to go back out and look for supplies because she can’t handle the crying baby, but Morgan won’t let her go back out again. The baby is just doing epic levels of crying, really impressive amount and it causes Grace to have a breakdown. Music seems to calm down the baby a bit, but Grace more as she falls asleep.

Turns out that Morgan wasn’t really out looking for supplies, he was working on some sort of apocalypse proof car that they can use to get outside of the blast radius. Grace is very cynical but Morgan is optimistic. Morgan convinces her to leave so they drive, sometime along the trip Grace tells Morgan that things are actually worse than she thought out here. Grace is playing some music when they get into a town, they end up crashing the car because Grace didn’t want to hear a song and was trying to get the radio to stop, which caused Morgan to take his eyes off the road. The crash bends one of the wheels.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Avaya White as Baby Mo – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Grace is ready to give up on everything, she takes off her mask ready to end her life. She thinks that by doing this it will create more time for Morgan and the baby to survive. While the two argue a couple comes up and has them at gunpoint. This crazy couple thinks that Mo is their baby Emma! The couple has been exposed to something nasty while out here, but Grace is more worried about the three hours left on their timer. She promises Morgan she won’t give up while these other people are around knowing that Morgan and Mo could die soon after if she does. Grace is just upset that Mo is not her real daughter Athenna, and she says it would never be the same, but Morgan reminds her it would be something.

Some disgusting greasy walkers are approaching, they are all inside a garage of some sort now. The strange couple says those walkers are from the crater and they fall apart and you don’t want them to fall apart on you. Bee is a talkative one, she mentions that a safe place exists called Padre that they will take the baby too. Fred has the couple steal the car after Morgan fixes it with baby Mo still inside, but not before Morgan steals the gun in the scuffle. Morgan is able to hit the car twice from long distance, one to the window and one to the tire which stops the car. Fred steals baby Mo and Grace chases after.

Outside Morgan and Bee are fighting and the bandage comes off of her face and you can see her face has melted and the nose is gone. Everyone makes it inside and the two tell Morgan and Grace they were like them, they thought they could outrun the fallout blast. Turns out the wind blew everything all the way to Louisiana and they ran out of gas. Making it back is how they got the damage to their faces.

The couple explains they wanted to take Mo to Padre which is the safe place they have circled on the map. They said they know it’s safe because of the voices they heard on the radio. Everyone goes back outside to collectively work on the car when another vehicle approaches and puts a spotlight on them. Grace, Fred and the baby make it inside, while Bee hides in the backseat and Morgan is hiding in the trunk warning the man to not come closer or he will shoot. So he shoots the figure three times. After the figure lays on the ground for awhile Morgan turns his attention back to the car and he notices that a piece of the luggage is moving. Morgan realizes that they put their dead baby inside the luggage. Morgan shoots the bag.

Bee tells Morgan that Fred couldn’t handle all the constant crying and he made the crying stop. Morgan realizes that Fred is inside with the baby so he gets on the can and string system the town had setup to warn Grace. Grace goes and shoots Fred in the head right before he was going to suffocate baby Mo. Grace gets Mo who is crying, Grace walks around a bit and the baby isn’t stopping so she finally starts to sing to the baby. This actually gets them both to calm down a bit. Morgan turns his attention back to the man he shot but this person survived, somehow got back to his vehicle and left! Bee stays behind, she knows she doesn’t have much time left, and she knows that she wasn’t replacing Athena.

Karen David as Grace, Maren Lord as Bea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

With little options with time ticking, Grace, Morgan and Mo head back to the submarine. Some soldiers are inside the submarine upon their return. Whoever the leader is knows who Morgan is because Victor told them all about him. He goes on and says that Morgan is not invited to live where they are building something but Grace is. Morgan asks if the baby can go to, he is told yes but Grace declines. She won’t go without Morgan. The soldiers take their leave with all sorts of supplies. They took a lot of supplies including all the food in the cabinets. As fate would have it, baby Mo is crawling, which helps uncover a secret door in the floor which is holding all sorts of canned goods including powdered milk. They have enough food to last awhile.

The mysterious figure is then shown at a camp, with a dog, and a box that says “Morgan Jones” on it. The man pulls out the walker skull of the bounty hunter Amil. He says he is sorry brother but Morgan Jones got the better of me today. Amil had a twin brother who was also a bounty hunter!