Ever since Game of Thrones ended in May 2019, we’ve found ourselves at something of a loose end. With no new episodes to sate our appetite, no opportunities to theorize and second guess the show, and only the most disappointing final season to comfort ourselves with, we’ve been in a long-lasting, Thrones-related fugue.

Without the show to fill our every waking thought, there’s been an emptiness inside us, and now that winter is coming and the nights are drawing in, it’s gotten worse than ever. So how can you fill the Thrones-shaped hole that the show left behind? Here are some suitably nerdy ideas to help occupy your time.

Read (or reread) the book series

As amazing as the show was until its tragically underwhelming final season, it could never quite compare to the complexity of the books. Forging its own path through George R. R. Martin’s convoluted and brilliant story from season two onward, the televisual take on the original ended up telling a very different story to its source material.

While some diehard fans of the books were upset by this, we personally see it as a good thing, because the two essentially stand alone as separate but both largely brilliant pieces of media. This means that if you want to revisit your favorite characters, but watch them experience some slightly different adventures to the ones they did on the show, the books are an ideal way to do so. Just don’t blame us when you have to go through the trauma of Ned’s beheading all over again.

Play the Game of Thrones slot

Brilliant content tends to inspire lots of different takes on the original, and this is certainly true of Thrones. Earning itself a passionate global audience, the books and television series both led to the creation of plenty of new GoT-themed entertainments, including a slot game.

Available to play from lots of different online providers, we’d suggest looking for a special offer or bonus if you’d like to get a little more for your money. For example, the King Billy Casino, which includes the slot among its extensive list of titles, currently has a number of promotions running. Go to full article to see what’s currently available.     

Try one of the video games

As well as the slot game, those who fancy experiencing the story through a different medium might want to try one of the 10 (yes, 10!) Game of Thrones inspired video offerings that are currently out there. The oldest of these is 2007’s Blood of Dragons, while the newest, Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows, was released mere months ago.   

All offering their own take on the source material, these provide hours of entertainment for fans in need of a fix, with a focus on various characters and plot points. The titular Game of Thrones by Telltale Games is widely considered to be the best, although we also really like Cyanide’s hyper-realistic version too.

How will you fill your Game of Thrones-shaped void now winter is here?