TRIGGER WARNING – These movies are very gruesome and horror-based. Please proceed with caution.

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Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! Time to pull out our cozy sweaters and blankets. Put some apple cider on the stove and get your remote in your hand. It’s movie time. But, what to watch? Fear not, for I have compiled a list of the not-so-usual suspect movies to try. I even included the trailer to further entice you to my side. Let’s dig in.

Repo The Genetic Opera (2008) is about a dystopian world that organs are failing in people but you can rent-to-own an organ to prolong your life or improve it. If you don’t keep up on your payments the repo man will take it back. These implants and replacements monopolized by. It centers on two families and their entwined struggles. The exceptional thing about this movie is that it is a rock opera. The music is dirty and gritty. I especially like “Zydrate Anatomy” It stars Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, and Sarah Brightman.

American Mary (2012) is about a med student, Mary, working towards being a surgeon. She is in desperate need of money and so takes an offer to make some fast, fat cash. She is raped by the very doctors that were teaching her. She dropped out of med school and found the world of body modification then ran with it. It stars Katharine Isabelle and Antonio Cupo. Trigger Warning, this is the tame trailer and it is still pretty gruesome. If you are a sensitive person, please don’t watch it.

Faculty (1998) confirms any high schooler’s thought about their teachers being monsters and trying to make them conform. One day some of the students start noticing the faculty is acting weird and it trickles down and out. It isn’t long before all hell breaks loose and unlikely allies must help each other survive. How this star-studded casted movie was not a hit, I don’t know. It stars Jordana Brewster, Josh Harnett, Salma Hayek, Usher, and more.

Oculus (2013) gives me the heebee geebees. Kaylie’s brother Tim was released from a mental hospital and she brings him to her home. You see, Tim had killed his father after their father tortured them and killed their mother. The murderer? The woman in the antique mirror. Kaylie is hellbent on her and Tim destroying the mirror. It stars Brenton Thwaites and Rory Cochrane.

The Prophecy (1995) Prophecy 2 (1998) Prophecy 3 (2000) is Mmmwah (chef’s kiss motion). Ok well, there are five total movies but the last two are trash and I refuse to acknowledge them. Yeah, I get the irony in that statement. The Prophecy is about a war in heaven. Humans have been drawn into that war When Simon hides a soul in Mary and Gabriel uses humans even as he hunts some. This stars Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, and Viggo Mortensen. Sorry ladies and gents, I am only providing the trailer for the first movie.

Cabin In The Woods (2011) is such a trip. The ending is a complete surprise which I like. A group of college kids unknowingly pick their horror movie tropes. While having a bit of fun, these friends must fight to survive. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, and Sigourney Weaver.

13 Ghosts (2001) has some of the best ghosts ever. A medium, Dennis Rafkin, helps locate specific ghosts for a man to put in the house he is building. In an attack of conscience, Tafkin refuses to help more. The man moves his widowed nephew, Arthur, and his family into the house. They don’t even get twenty-four hours in the house, hell I don’t even think 2 hours even before the fight begins. Rafkin comes back to help, but another woman comes too. They give similar but conflicting stories. How will this family survive? This stars Matthew Lillard, Tony Shalhoub, and Shannon Elizabeth.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) is hard to describe without wanting to watch it right away. It is a horror/comedy. Tucker and Dale are some well-meaning, friendly (Tucker’s bark is worse than his bite), hillbillies wanting to go fix up their new vacation home. On their way, they meet some preppy college kids. Having preconceived ideas about each other, the limited initial interaction didn’t go well. It only gets worse from there. Oh, so much worse. It is sidesplitting funny though. You will laugh through the entire movie. It stars Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, and Katharina Bowden.

Priest (2011) is an interesting take on the Church and vampires. Priests, in this world, are better than average humans. They live for the Church and do its bidding. It’s bidding once was to eradicate the vampires. The priests thought they had and were treated more harshly than normal humans. A family outside the wall gets murdered except the daughter who gets taken. Her uncle the priest must find and save her. This stars Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, and Stephen Moyer.

Constantine (2005) is actually the property of DC Comics and is in the same universe as the Sandman, the Justice League, and Lucifer. Wrap your head around that. Constantine is a demon hunter dying of lung cancer. There has been a shift in power somewhere because demons are becoming bolder. Elsewhere in the world, the spear tip that stabbed Jesus was found. Satan needs this so his son can be born. It is up to Constantine to stop it. Starring Keanu Reeves, Shai LaBeouf, Rachel Weisz, and Djimon Hounsou.

Do any of these movies sound up your alley? I love all of the ones up here. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. It is scary movie month. Personally, every month is scary movie month, but you know… Let me know if you have seen any of these in the comments below. Until next week…